Insulated Work Wear

  1. Importance Of Winter Workwear In Canada

    The winter has arrived in Canada. People who work outdoors need special clothing that can resist the cold and harsh air and keep the wearer adequately warm. Winter workwear is inevitable when it comes to working outdoors. Harsh weather in Edmonton and across Canada can turn your easy job into a challenging one. However, the right protective wear will ensure protection against weather and other workplace hazards.

    Workplace Hazards In Winter

    The number of occupational hazards increase in winter and workers have to deal with them. Cold stress, poor visibility, slips, trips, and falls are some of the health and safety hazards that require due attention. Cold stress is a known hazard that occurs when a person’s internal body temperature drops to an unsafe level. When your body becomes unable to warm itself, the longer exposure to cold weather starts creating health concerns.

    Cold stress, if not properly addressed, can lead to permanent damage to body parts. To avoid such hazards, you need high-quality winter workwear designed to address hazards present at your workplace. Administrative controls and training are also required to deal with the winter in Canada.

    Hyperthermia is another condition where the body loses heat faster than it produces. This occurs when the body’s internal temperature drops below 95 F. Shallow breathing, memory loss, weak pulse, and mumbling are some of the symptoms of hyperthermia.

    Most workers don’t attach much significance to training programs that are necessary to understand how to deal with weather conditions. Providing adequate training is the responsibility of employers. It helps workers recognize the environmental and workplace conditions to avoid health concerns like cold stress and hyperthermia.

    Selecting The Right Winter Workwear In Canada

    The selection of the correct winter workwear also plays a key role in ensuring complete protection from environmental hazards. Ideally, you should be well-prepared for cold temperatures before winter arrives. A base layer of your dress is supposed to wick away sweat and moisture, while the outer layer keeps your body warm. Insulated workwear such as coveralls and bib pants provide you with the outer layer you need to prevent cold stress.

    If you need premium quality cold-weather workwear for your job or for your employees, visit Wildrose Garments, an online supplier of quality workwear where you can find a variety of occupational clothing for all seasons. Some of the popular winter workwear items you can find on our website include:

    • Insulated Polycotton Coveralls
    • Insulated Nomex Coveralls
    • Insulated Indura Coveralls
    • Insulated Bib Pants
    • Insulated Nomex Parka

    About Wildrose Garments

    At Wildrose Garments, we have been manufacturing high-quality occupational garments in Canada for many years. We also provide silk screening and embroidery services to help our clients customize their professional clothing. Visit our online store or contact us for more details!

  2. 11 Reasons Why You Need Fire-Resistant Clothing In A Factory

    A factory is a place where accidents can occur. Workers might be at risk in day to day operations and their job routines might cause them to ignore their safety from time to time. It is in fact for this reason factories are not considered safe, and therefore require some safety guidelines, emergency plans, and the need to wear ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE) while workers are working. Evidently, a piece of fire-resistant clothing is on top of the list of PPE related apparel.

    According to some industry specialists, fire hazards in the workplace or factories are the highest contributors to workplace hazards overall. If the factory or the workplace deals with high electricity voltage machines or uses flammable materials, chances of a fire hazard are significantly amplified. It is from this perspective that this blog will highlight 11 reasons why you need to wear fire-resistant clothing while working in a factory.

    Combustible Material Left Unattended

    In a factory setting there are many objects or materials often left unattended and this could be a potential risk for the workers to trip over something. There’s a chance an employee or guest could also light a match near combustible material, initiating a fire without any intention. The potential for fire-resistant clothing in such a situation is simply un-ignorable. This is the reason why factories having combustible materials need to maintain a sharp exit plan in case of a fire.

    Liquids And Vapours That Can Catch Fire

    Workers often use aerosol sprays, body sprays, and other related products for their personal hygiene and even room fresheners often have combustible liquids. It is certainly not a surprise that a fire can start, where heavy flammable gasses are present. In this case, factories which manufacture perfumes or even oil refineries cannot set aside the chance that a fire may start in their workplace. Hence, the importance of fire-resistant apparel is clear.

    Dust And Wood Shavings

    Factories that deal with wood-based products like furniture, or decorative pieces stay consistently covered with wood-based dust and wood shavings which are highly flammable. It is a standard approach that workers in such situations are prepared for fire hazards and this becomes another reason why fire-resistant clothing is important.

    Blocked Fire Exits

    It is a standard protocol that every workplace especially factories have fire exits. However, it is possible that those fire exits are blocked due to repairs, mismanagement or any other unforeseen reason. This again creates the need to equip the workers with fire-resistant clothing so they can sustain themselves in a fire hazard for a longer period of time.

    Fire Doors Not Checked

    Factories having proper fire hazard protocols need on time and regular check-ups of the fire doors. It is possible for the fire doors to get stuck and in emergency situations, they are not accessible. In this regard, having fire-resistant clothing will definitely help the workers to get to a safe place.

    Heat Generating Objects

    There are many factories and even workshops that deal with furnaces. Perhaps, even professional chef’s kitchens have dangerous levels of heat sources and pressure cookers which are potentially dangerous. Such types of workplaces need fire-resistant apparel for the workers’ safety and better working conditions.

    Electrical Faults

    Electric failures and short circuits can happen at any time anywhere. Especially in the rainy season or in case of a storm. There are many issues with irregular electricity supply which can become a potential fire hazard in the workplace. Therefore, creating a need for the workers to wear fire-resistant and waterproof items of clothing in such situations will definitely raise workplace safety measures.

    Misuse Of Firearms

    Factories that make firearms or gun shooting ranges are mostly at risk of a firearm-related accident. It is not such a far fetched idea to think that a stray bullet could hit a flammable liquid or any other combustible material and a fire could break out. Bulletproof vests cannot save you from fire.

    Power Sockets Overloaded

    Power sockets can catch fire when they are overloaded. It does not matter if it happens at home or the workplace it is equally dangerous. Fire that is created with electricity is often difficult to control and therefore becomes a bigger threat than regular fossil fuel-based fires. Simply put, the need for fire-resistant clothing in such conditions is very high.


    Smoking around flammable objects or materials is considered very dangerous. The smoker may not even know and throw a lit cigarette on the ground hoping that it will go out eventually but it can roll away due to wind, causing a fire to start. It is essential that one has to be very careful in such cases and must be prepared to save themselves in such a situation.

    Human Negligence

    Human negligence is as old as human existence, and chances are it's not going away that easy any time soon. It’s always a smart choice to keep fire-resistant clothing at one’s personal disposal so it can be used in emergency situations. Companies that have strong workplace safety regulations make sure all their workers are given proper PPE apparel to save them in a fire hazard.

    Wildrose Garments is well known in Canada for its workwear apparel. We offer high-quality customized safety clothing and we do not compromise on quality. If you want to know more about our products, please visit our website or simply call us to get a free quote as per your requirements.

  3. How To Ensure Your Workwear Is Comfortable

    Comfort and ease of work are two of the key features of high-quality occupational garments. Some workers have to perform tough duties for more than 8 hours every day, so they need comfortable clothing to carry out their day-to-day tasks with peace of mind. Safety is also a critical feature when it comes to workwear. It is also a prime function of workwear products to provide a sufficient level of protection from dust, dirt and other hazards.

    As an employer, make sure to provide your employees with high-quality safety garments that meet their unique requirements. Here is what you need to consider when buying occupational clothing for your employees:

    Choose fabric carefully

    The comfort level of workwear items largely depends on its fabric. Therefore, pay due attention to the fabric. Cotton is one of the popular choices when it comes to comfort, durability, and ease of washing. Cotton safety T-shirts, cotton coveralls, and quilted cotton bomber jackets are some of the widely used workwear products. Some employers prefer to get tailor-made garments that align well with their unique professional environment.

    Talk to your employees

    Your employees probably know your workplace better than you. They understand what kinds of hazards they have to deal with on a daily basis, and what kinds of clothing would be appropriate. Sit with your workers and ask them for suggestions. Do your workers feel comfortable wearing cotton T-shirts or do they prefer to wear cotton bib pants? It’s important to get their feedback before placing any orders.

    Moreover, it’s also crucial to evaluate your workplace for hazards. Safety garments can be effective against hazards up to a certain level. For example, hi-viz safety garments are highly effective when workers have to perform their duties in poor lighting conditions.

    Color does matter

    Colors have a considerable impact on the human psyche. Not every color can be used to design safety garments. For instance, black isn’t an appropriate apparel color for people who work in low light conditions. Imagine a situation where workers are wearing white coveralls and they are working around dirt and stains. Bright and bold colors are widely used to design occupational garments due to their high visibility properties.

    Choose a reputable safety garments manufacturer

    Find a reputable safety garments manufacturer in order to ensure your work suit is comfortable and durable. Some safety garment manufacturers such as Wildrose Garments also offer silk screening and embroidery services. You can use these services to customize your clothes. Have your logo and company name embroidered on shirts, coveralls, bib pants, and jackets. It will give your employees a sense of identity and professionalism.

    About Wildrose Garments

    Wildrose Garments is one of the most popular workwear brands in Canada where we design and manufacture premium quality occupational garments. Browse through our online store and place your order now!

  4. Wildrose Garments: A Reliable Workwear Manufacturer In Canada

    Workwear refers to a broad range of safety garments many professionals wear to safely perform tough manual jobs such as welding, construction, firefighting, and machine operations. The prime objective of wearing workwear is to make the job safe and minimize the impact of workplace hazards. Wildrose Garments is a workwear manufacturer in Canada where we produce and sell a broad assortment of occupational garments. From a variety of coveralls to bib pants and shop coats, we are a one-stop workwear solutions provider for Canadians.

    Insulated workwear

    Warm insulated workwear is needed in certain parts of Canada when performing work duties outside due to harsh weather conditions. Insulated workwear such as insulated coveralls can provide you with the protection and warmth you need to carry out your job with comfort and ease. Our collection of insulated coveralls is ideal for Canadian weather. We also manufacture custom safety clothing that will not only instill a sense of professionalism in your employees but also keep them protected against hazards.

    Hi-viz safety

    Hi-viz safety comes with a variety of workwear products: vests, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, overalls, etc. We offer one of the largest collections of hi-viz safety garments in Canada. Enhance the visibility of your employees to ensure their safety in poor lighting conditions, especially when they have to perform their work near traffic or construction sites. No matter your industry or profession, you will be able to find the hi-viz garments you need to make your job safe. Check out our hi-viz workwear collection.

    Personalized, custom workwear

    We empower you to personalize your occupational workwear with your logo and name. Whether it is a pair of coveralls or a shop coat, the name or logo of your company will give your employees an identity.

    Canadians go through some of the toughest weather conditions in the world. We are actively working to make life easier for Canadians. The material, workmanship, personalization, and manufacturing process are some of the reasons why you can count on us.

    Contact us

    Wildrose Garments strives for higher clothing standards and produces top quality products within the industry. Our online store makes it easy for you to order anywhere from Canada and have your ideal pair of safety apparels at your doorstep. Our facility in Edmonton is located just off the Yellowhead Freeway in Edmonton, Alberta. You can visit us to order or pick up your order or you can have your order delivered to your doorstep. Contact us for more information!

  5. Choosing The Right Safety Apparel For Your Job

    Occupational workwear is one of the common types of personal protective equipment (PPE). While safety garments seem like workplace essentials, selecting the right safety clothing for your job can be a daunting process. Many people working in environments such as mining, traffic management, construction, manufacturing, chemical handling, firefighting and more require safety gear.

    Some industries realize the significance of implementing the right workwear strategy to ensure the safety of employees. If you are looking to get the right gear for your workers, you need to assess the nature of hazards present at your facility and choose the right clothing either protective or safety.

    Safety apparel

    Safety apparel, also PPE apparel, is made to protect the wearer against various workplace hazards such as heat, dirt, sparks, chemical spills, etc. However, these types of safety gear allow for particle penetration, which means they can’t be used in rigidly controlled environments. The handling of safety apparel can increase the likelihood of contamination. People who have to work in strictly controlled environments can’t wear PPE apparel as it can compromise their safety. Safety clothing is essential for workers who have to work around various hazards on a daily basis.

    Types of safety apparel

    There are hundreds of different workwear used for different conditions. However, the following are some of the major types of safety apparel:

    1. High-visibility:

    High-viz safety apparel is designed to make the wearer more visible. Low visibility is one of the major occupational injuries that often lead to casualties. Therefore, it is critical to wear high-viz safety coveralls, pants, overalls, jackets, or any other high-viz apparel to ensure employees’ safety against poor lighting at work.

    Proper lighting makes work environments more safe because the sense of sight is hugely important in preventing accidents. Whether you work outdoor or in an indoor industrial setting, if the light conditions at your workplace aren't up to an acceptable level, make sure your employees wear high-visibility apparel for the job.

    Check out this selection of premium quality safety apparel ideal for many tough working conditions.

    2. Flame-resistant:

    Professionals like engineers and welders have to work around high temperatures and flames. The role for flame-resistant safety apparel is to make these jobs safe. This type of safety apparel protects the wearer against heat and fire up to a certain level. It is not right to entirely depend on fire retardant gear especially when working with open flames.

    Examine your work environment with the ability of your safety gear to withstand heat hazards. In addition to rubber gloves and aprons, safety workwear is also designed to prevent harmful exposure to industrial chemicals.

    WildRose Garments

    We manufacture and sell high-quality safety apparel suitable for a wide range of tough jobs in Canada. Please visit our online store for more information!

  6. Protecting Employees: Priority Number One

    Loss of life or injury is the worst possible thing that can happen in an organization. With hectic schedules and production lines, cutting corners help save time but it may have repercussions. A small mistake may result in legal action taken against the company which is all that is required to have a license to operate revoked. Most workplaces use things like training, policies and vital equipment and safety apparel to ensure that safety measures are achieved and business operations continue to function without serious failures or mishaps. The importance of the safety and protection of the employee should be the number one priority of a business and this helps to create a more secure and better workplace.

    Safety and security are not considered a burden but a mandatory plan of action that is in line with statutory rules and regulations. Employees are the real assets of a business which can take them to higher places. Here are some simple yet effective tips to keep the safety of the employees a top priority in any workplace.

    Whistle Blowing

    Common problems can be unseen by safety leaders. It's easy to relax thinking that all the protocols and basic safety procedures are being followed. Without making efforts to confirm if this is true would be a dangerous approach. Veterans in the workplace would be confident that they presume to know it all while new employees may not completely grasp the basic safety regulations which are to be followed. The safety leader must regularly reiterate the need for safety measures and share the best practices with the whole team. If these discussions are engaged, potentially unsafe methods and practices are significantly reduced.

    Knowing the Drill

    Most employees lack the confidence they need to help them convey issues and problems properly to upper management or superiors. This is due to their unsureness pertaining to their concepts of safety. Their lack of identifying incorrect procedures and the steps to follow may weigh heavily on the company hence it is imperative to provide adequate and training in both technical and theoretical forms. Without this, many wouldn’t be able to perform tasks and jobs with the knowledge of safety. Following up and ensuring that regular refreshers are imparted to retain the information given and if additional training is required it is important to do so.


    It is easily understood that accountability is necessary for performance but it must encapsulate even higher management. Managers understand how and why to make sure that proper information and training is dispersed throughout the team to assure policy for safety is well-understood and accountability is set across the table via a robust safety plan. This helps bring about a level of confidence in the eyes of stakeholders and displays to the general public the devotion of the business towards the safety of not only employees but to other aspects of concern like addressing environmental issues and healthcare.

    Wildrose Garments produces high-quality workwear in Canada. We provide a personal touch to each of the items we craft. To get a glimpse of the action, visit our Edmonton plant, just off Yellowhead and 82nd Street! All visitors are welcome!

  7. Construction Work And Significance of Safety Measures

    It is absolutely necessary for construction workers to follow safety regulations and wear appropriate protective equipment in order to protect themselves from occupational hazards. Considered as one of the most hazardous occupations, construction work involves working around large equipment, heights, edges, moving objects, and deep holes. No matter how safe and modern a construction site appears to be, workers should take precautionary measures when working in such dangerous conditions. Following are two basic safety measures you must take:

    Keep a careful watch for electricity and moving objects

    You have to be extra careful when working with electricity and heavy equipment. Reading safety precautions listed for the equipment can be of great help. You can always seek help from supervisors and co-workers who clearly understand how to deal with construction machines. Grinders and drills are commonly used equipment. Make sure that the metal casing is grounded, the cables are properly protected, and the power supply is provided with an earth leakage circuit breaker. Protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety garments, professional boots, etc. can make your work safe.

    Training and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Training, hazard assessment, and the use of protective equipment can help contractors create safe and stressless working environment. Workers associated with any profession that demands safety must get proper training so that they can make a good use of safety techniques and protective equipment. Following are some of the responsibilities of contractors and safety managers:

    • A thorough Inspection of the site
    • Implementation of a fall protection system
    • Verification of all the tools and equipment
    • Implementation of PPE
    • Development and promotion of safety practices
    • Documentation of employees’ safety concerns
    • Implementation of dress code

    Safety garments such as coveralls and bib pants can make most of the jobs, including construction work, safe. As a worker, make sure you wear clothing appropriate to your job. Following are some commonly used workwear items:

    • Coveralls
    • Long pants and shirts with full sleeves
    • High-visibility coveralls
    • Bib pants and shop coats
    • Helmets, gloves and safety shoes

    Poor lighting, low visibility and bad weather are also considered as hazards. If you have to perform your duties in such conditions, wear high-visibility coveralls and jackets so that you stay visible to others working around you.

    We have been manufacturing and selling state-of-the-art occupational garments in Canada for many years. At Wild Rose Garments, we strive to make your work safe and easy. Our products include coveralls, bib pants, shop coats, insulated garments and parkas. Visit our online store to know more about our products!

  8. Construction Hazards And Role Of Safety Equipment

    Construction sites are full of occupational hazards where employees have to take precautions and safety measures in order to ensure their safety. Personal protective equipment or PPE is used to minimize or eliminate exposure to various construction hazards that can cause serious health issues. The prime function of safety garments and equipment is to help workers avoid injuries and illness. Workplace hazards such as electricity, falling objects, chemicals, unguarded machines, fast moving objects, etc. should be properly addressed through engineering controls and safety equipment.

    Risk is an inseparable part of everyday life and it is probably impossible to eliminate all risks. However, before starting any construction project, you must be well-aware of the environment and risks associated with it. Ideally, you must do everything in your capacity to protect yourself from all kind of hazards. Hazard assessment can be of great help in this respect. The process helps to locate and record all kind of hazards that can cause unpleasant incidents. Following are some of the major construction hazards that require proper equipment and safety garments:

    Working at height

    Working at height is a common practice in the construction work. However, it can be extremely dangerous when a workers have to perform his duties hundreds of feet above the ground. Falls from height is one of the major reasons behind construction site fatalities. Proper training and protective equipment are absolutely essential to workers’ safety.

    Material handling

    Handling or moving heavy materials, either manually or with the help of machines, is itself a hazard. Manual handling of heavy materials should be safely performed by well-trained and well-equipped workers.


    When civil structures collapse, they bury and seriously injure people working around them. Therefore, safety managers should plan and take preventive measures in order to avoid potential collapse and damage they can cause. Demolition work, for example, is a highly hazardous job that demands utmost safety precautions.

    Dirt, dust, and noise

    Occupational hazards such as dirt and noise are common in workplaces where people have to deal with machinery and dangerous substances. Protective garments such as coveralls are very effective when it comes to protecting body and clothes from dirt and dust.

    Workers must use protective equipment that matches their industry and effective against potential occupational hazards. Safety clothing should be tailormade based on the unique requirements of a workplace. Employees who are exposed to bodily injuries of any kind that cannot be eliminated through administrative controls must wear appropriate body protection while performing their jobs.

    About us

    Wildrose Garments Mfg Ltd is a certified manufacturer of men’s workwear safety garments in Canada. We design and produce custom coveralls, bib pants, shop coats according to our clients’ unique requirements and needs. Our diverse range of coveralls is ideal for applications such as construction, repair, maintenance, automotive, oil and gas, food processing, etc. Visit our online store to know more about our workwear products.