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Getting your workers to wear safety gear is hard. If you ask your workers about the one thing they dislike, their answer will be wearing safety apparel. The primary reason is that most of the safety apparel companies do not focus on workers’ comfort and ease of use.

There are some aspects that a safety garment company can look at to make things easier for the employer and convince their workers to wear safety clothing.

Choose the stuff that’s not tough

The most important thing to consider when designing safety apparel is the material or fabric with which the apparel is made of. The smoothness and softness of the apparel is critical. It should not be hard and rigid so that it does not hamper the movement of the workers.

Be wise to offer a size

The next most important aspect is that the apparel must be sized properly so that it fits the workers well. Despite the comfortable material, if the size is not right, the worker will be in constant discomfort. An uncomfortable worker means they're less productive.

Make it fashionable

Your workers can love to wear your safety apparel if you keep it a little trendy in terms of cuts and fitting. Of course, by doing so, the movement of the workers and other protective aspects must not be compromised. The workers must feel that they are not only saving themselves from potential hazards and obeying your company’s request, but are also not looking goofy.

Wear without fear

Safety gear must be protective and should improve the safety of the worker, so that the worker can wear it without any doubt of how or that it works. If the worker truly believes that the apparel they're wearing is capable of protecting them from the potential risks, they'll have no qualms about wearing it. For this purpose, employers can conduct demonstrations in collaboration with their vendor showing workers wearing the gear and walking out of a hazard safe and sound.

Make them feel important

Employers can carry out adequate training and awareness sessions on the importance of the lives of the workers. In this way, workers who don't realize the significance of wearing safety apparel on the job site would start wearing it. Workers need to realize that their lives are important for themselves, their families and employers.

Be flexible

Without sidelining the importance of safety clothing for workers, employers must also realize that they have to be a little flexible while implementing the rules regarding safety clothing. There might be some workers who have a genuine issue in wearing the safety gear.

One of the examples would be the Sikh community workers who wear turbans and are not able to wear safety helmets or even the coveralls which cover the head with a hood. In this situation, the employees can be shifted to some other section or area, which is less dangerous.

Encourage workers to wear safety gear

It's an all-too-common habit among workers not to wear safety gear while executing dangerous jobs, putting themselves in danger of injury or death, and also their employer in danger of prosecution. So many incidents happen because of ignorance towards wearing protective clothing and equipment.

Workers must be encouraged to wear safety garments. This can be achieved through effective communication between the employers and the employees.

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