Employers looking to find the best protective apparel for their workers are often walking on a thin line. They have to strike a balance between finding the clothes that protect against unique work hazards while also allowing them to work comfortably.

Protective gear must also meet federal and industrial requirements while also helping workers to work efficiently. The balance is hard to strike, but if the job of finding the right workwear is done carefully, employers can have workers reach the middle ground where they can have both comfort and safety.

Wildrose Garments have prepared a list of features to look for while choosing work apparel for your employees. Below are characteristics of the best protective gear. These features will determine your worker's attitude towards the garments and how they will use them for their safety.

Protection And Durability

Employees must feel safe and secure in the apparel that is provided to them. They can stand up under challenging and unsafe job conditions if they feel confident about their garment's ability to protect them from workplace hazards.

If the job is high-risk, employers should make sure the protective gear they choose for their team is resistant to that specific risk. You can attain this information from the manufacturer or your supplier.


Safety comes first, but highly protective garments that help protect workers from dangerous situations can become a way of their discomfort. If not correctly designed, protective suits can restrict worker's movements and minimize their breathability. This can result in them removing their PPEs and getting exposed to harmful conditions. To avoid this, make sure you select the right design, fabric, and fitting of the apparel for each of your employees.


Non-breathable suits can become havoc for employees. This is especially true for working under hot conditions. The right design of suits will make sure such problems are catered. For example, if the job requires workers to work in hot temperatures, select garments that come with vents. These vents are designed to provide breathability and maximum protection to make an ideal suit for working in a hot environment.

Lightweight And Flexible

The weight, softness, flexibility, and breathability of the fabric all play an essential role in selecting the best workwear and safety apparel for your employees. Some cheap fabrics, although affordable, provide minimum protection and are very difficult to move in. Ensure that the material you're choosing for your apparel is light in weight to provide maximum movement and has good quality to provide the highest protection.

Should Fit Properly

While this may cause a bit of trouble for you as an employer to get different apparel sizes, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in the best workwear for your team. For an employee to perform his job efficiently, he or she should not feel that the garment he is wearing is too big or too small for their size. To get a proper fit, either ask your employees to provide you with their right sizes or ask your manufacturer/supplier to deliver the garments in different sizes following a sizing chart.

Should Be Easy To Wear And Maintain

If the employees have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the protective apparel, it may discourage proper use. While selecting the garments, make sure they require limited maintenance. Moreover, the garments should be easy to put on and take off to limit direct contact of contaminants on the clothing with the skin.

Uncomfortable PPE and workwear can significantly affect the productivity of the employees resulting in an increased number of breaks and injuries. At Wildrose Garments, we provide the most authentic and reliable workwear safety apparel. Our garments are manufactured in Canada, and we provide far higher quality than most foreign producers.

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