The winter has arrived in Canada. People who work outdoors need special clothing that can resist the cold and harsh air and keep the wearer adequately warm. Winter workwear is inevitable when it comes to working outdoors. Harsh weather in Edmonton and across Canada can turn your easy job into a challenging one. However, the right protective wear will ensure protection against weather and other workplace hazards.

Workplace Hazards In Winter

The number of occupational hazards increase in winter and workers have to deal with them. Cold stress, poor visibility, slips, trips, and falls are some of the health and safety hazards that require due attention. Cold stress is a known hazard that occurs when a person’s internal body temperature drops to an unsafe level. When your body becomes unable to warm itself, the longer exposure to cold weather starts creating health concerns.

Cold stress, if not properly addressed, can lead to permanent damage to body parts. To avoid such hazards, you need high-quality winter workwear designed to address hazards present at your workplace. Administrative controls and training are also required to deal with the winter in Canada.

Hyperthermia is another condition where the body loses heat faster than it produces. This occurs when the body’s internal temperature drops below 95 F. Shallow breathing, memory loss, weak pulse, and mumbling are some of the symptoms of hyperthermia.

Most workers don’t attach much significance to training programs that are necessary to understand how to deal with weather conditions. Providing adequate training is the responsibility of employers. It helps workers recognize the environmental and workplace conditions to avoid health concerns like cold stress and hyperthermia.

Selecting The Right Winter Workwear In Canada

The selection of the correct winter workwear also plays a key role in ensuring complete protection from environmental hazards. Ideally, you should be well-prepared for cold temperatures before winter arrives. A base layer of your dress is supposed to wick away sweat and moisture, while the outer layer keeps your body warm. Insulated workwear such as coveralls and bib pants provide you with the outer layer you need to prevent cold stress.

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