1. Some General Precautions For Using Protective Coveralls

    Using protective coveralls can be immensely useful and beneficial, provided you follow the correct guidelines. To take full advantage of these coveralls, you need to ensure you use them correctly and don't mishandle them. Ignoring these guidelines may result in harmful situations for the workers. Let us have a look at some of the crucial guidelines.

    Look For Possible Damage In The Coveralls

    Every time you take off your coverall after completing a day at the office, you need to be sure it is not damaged. Even the slightest of damages can cause a severe injury if you deal with chemicals, hot water, or other dangerous materials.

    Ensure Your Coverall Is Clean

    Your coverall and other protective equipment must be clean and tidy every time you go to put it on. A cleaner coverall is a safer coverall. A dirty coverall could catch dangerous chemicals and other elements that are harmful to your health. If you put on your coverall without cleaning it, the poisonous and toxic chemicals that you worked with previously may still be there that were spilled on it yesterday. It is, therefore, imperative to clean your coverall every day before using it.

    Using Disposable Coveralls If Possible

    If possible, using disposable coveralls is the best option. It minimizes the chances of contamination and exposure of your skin to harmful chemicals. You don't need to clean it, keep it, or look for damage before using it again. You only need to be careful while disposing of the coverall after use. You must ensure you dispose of your coverall safely and properly.

    Regularly Wash Your Cotton Coveralls

    If you are using cotton coveralls or any alike fabric, you need to wash and clean it regularly. You need to be habitual of wearing washed and cleaned coveralls to stay protected from the harmful remains of the chemicals and other materials you are dealing with.

    Don't Take Your Coverall Home For Washing

    You must leave both your office work and your coverall in the office. Your coverall is contaminated, and you must not bring it home to wash it with your household clothes. The proper way to wash your coverall is in the office, or taking it to a specialist laundromat. This way, not only do you protect yourself and your family but other people as well.

    Use A Clean, Separate Cupboard For Coveralls

    Keeping your coverall or other protective equipment in a cleaner cupboard is always the best thing to do. Ideally, it must be separate to avoid mixing with your other clothes and items. This will help keep your coverall cleaner as well as other things in your cupboard safe from it.

    Store Clean And Dirty Coveralls Separately

    You may have more than one coverall. Maybe you store your coveralls in a locker at your office. If that is the case, ensure that you keep your clean and dirty coveralls separate.

    By doing this, you can avoid contamination. When mixed, the clean and dirty coveralls can spread the dirty and used coveralls' harmful elements. Keeping your clean and dirty coveralls separate will minimize the chances of contamination.

    Use The Personal Washing Facility Effectively

    There must be a personal washing facility in your office. You need to ensure you make effective and proper use of this facility. It can minimize the chances of contaminating yourself or other belongings you might use while wearing or carrying your dirty coveralls.

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  2. When Should You Replace Your Hi-Viz Clothing?

    Even the most durable garments do not last forever. Especially when it comes to safety apparel, nearly all of them need to be periodically replaced, so the garments can keep effectively serving their purpose. Even your favourite safety vest might have done you well, but it's time to part ways if it’s no longer fulfilling its purpose to protect you from your job sites hazards.

    However, it is also essential to keep in mind that you must not throw away a useful piece of high visibility gear before it has served its complete lifetime. So, how do you determine if it is time to replace your high visibility clothing? The answer to this depends on how adequately you take care of your safety apparel according to the manufacturer's care specifications. In other words, the frequency of replacing your hi-viz safety apparel is not defined by a certain period, but how it is used and cared for.

    Use this blog post to help decide how often you should be replacing your high visibility clothing for maximum safety on the job site.

    Storing and Cleaning High Visibility Clothing

    How you use and take care of your hi-viz garments determines how often you will need to replace it. Suppose your work requires you to regularly wear safety gear or work for most of the day in direct sunlight. In that case, you will likely see yourself replacing it a lot sooner than if you were only putting it on for a small duration throughout the day.

    Your high visibility gear will last much longer if you take some time to store and clean it properly. Here is how you can keep your safety gear in good shape for a longer period of time;

    • Store your hi-viz garments away from direct sunlight whenever possible, as sun rays make the highlighted colours disappear more quickly.
    • Clean your hi-viz gear thoroughly at the end of each day, especially if it has gotten dirty. It is unnecessary to put it in the laundry every time; in fact, it’s better to wipe it down with a clean cloth if it is not dirty enough to require a full wash.
    • Don’t crush, fold or squish your hi-viz garment when storing it. This puts extra pressure on the clothings fibres, making them break faster. Hanging the clothes in a safe place is a preferable option.

    Signs You Should Replace Your Hi-Viz Clothing

    In general, if a piece of hi-viz garment has been in regular use for more than six months, then you should check it for wear and tear signs. Following are the telltale signs that your hi-viz gear is no longer safe to wear according to the CSA visibility standards and must be replaced as soon as possible;

    • The garment’s fluorescent fabric has started to fade, or the colour has become dull.
    • The garment's reflective strips are no longer providing any visibility from a distance, or the strips have become damaged.
    • The garment has become dirty, and the grime won’t come off even after a full wash.
    • The garment has rips and tears and no longer feels comfortable.

    If your garment shows any of the above signs, it will need replacing. To better determine if you need to replace your clothing, you can compare your gear to a coworker who has just gotten an article of new hi-viz clothing.

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  3. Reasons Why UV Protective Workwear Is Important For Outdoor Laborers

    If you are working as an outdoor laborer, chances are that your job is extremely demanding and challenging to do. This is because you are exposed to risk and accidents the majority of the time. Risks can include working with heavy machinery, fast-moving vehicles, high winds, and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

    One way to make sure that you are safe in your workplace is to wear UV Protective clothing that is especially useful during the summertime. This not only protects you from the harmful UV rays but also reduces the risks of workplace accidents due to the clothing being of high visibility.

    What Does High Visibility and UPF Mean?

    You might be wondering whether or not you should invest in High Visibility clothing. Before you invest in this clothing, you should know what High Visibility means. It ensures that the wearer is visible even if there is no light. This is due to the fact that the clothing has bright colors and retro-reflective strips that make the wearer easily distinguishable even when looking from far away or in low-lit areas.

    Secondly, UPF stands for Ultra Protection Factor. In simpler words, it indicates how much UV rays can enter the fabric and reach your skin. The highest UPF rating is 50+, which means that the fabric will block up to 98% of UV rays. Wearing high-quality UPF, clothing can save your skin from a lot of UV related diseases and keep you healthy.

    Why Should You Wear High Visibility UPF Clothing?

    Hi-vis UPF clothing combines these two essential characteristics, visibility and sun protection into a single garment to guarantee that you have extra security against many common outdoor job hazards. Below are some of the reasons why you need to invest in these garments for yourself or for your employees if the work is being done outdoors;

    It Prevents Accidents: The main reason why you should wear UPF clothing is that it prevents accidents from happening. This is especially helpful if you are working with heavy machinery or in an area with tons of traffic. It is well documented that high visibility clothing can reduce the risk of accidents, even in low-lit areas. During rainy weather, where the visibility is low, you will always stand out.

    It Protects The Health of The Worker: This type of clothing is made specially to counter the UV rays from the sun so that the wearer does not get any harm or disease on their skin from the suns UV rays. UV rays can damage your skin cells which can even cause skin cancer in the long run.Wearing UPF clothing alongside sunscreen can help you reduce the risk of any skin problems.

    Helps Regulate Temperature: UPF clothing helps the wearer stay at an optimal temperature as it can help regulate it. In summer, people that are working outside are prone to heatstroke, which is quite common. Wearing UPF clothing can assist you in reducing that risk and ensuring that you stay at an optimal temperature throughout the day.

    Helps Workers Stay Up To Code: Many companies have a policy that ensures that workers have to wear High Visibility UV Protective Workwear. Keeping your entire crew well-outfitted with this type of clothing will make sure that you are following the government/company policies and keeping your workers safe.

    It Designates The Workers: The various types of UV Protective clothing can indicate that your crew is working in a public area. This will not only show everyone near the area to be safe and keep their distance but also make your company look professional if you have your logo printed on the clothing.

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  4. Ways To Convince Your Employees To Wear PPE

    Employers don’t only have to arrange the appropriate safety wear for their employees but also have to make sure they’re ready to wear it properly and make full use of it to save their lives. It’s not that easy to convince your employees to wear safety wear on the job. There are some ways in which you can make sure or at least enhance the chances of your employees wearing safety apparel.

    Let’s see some of the ways how employers can make their employees show responsibility towards wearing protective clothing while doing their job.

    Make it company culture to wear PPE

    One great way to make sure your employees wear PPE is to make it a company-wide culture. Employers must make sure that the rule to wear PPE is enforced and implemented on all the relevant employees. When an employee who should be wearing a PPE but isn’t, sees another person doing the same kind of job with safety apparel on, they are more likely to wear it themself.

    Employers must announce a company-wide policy and communicate it properly to everybody who must wear PPE. It must be a part of company culture, and not just a policy meant for employees to ignore. There must be a priority for the safety of the employees, which will automatically convince them to wear PPE. When the employees know that their employers are worried and concerned about their lives and well being, it creates a positive emotion. This positivity makes them obey the rules and policies set by employers.

    Hazard analysis would work

    Another way to make employees realize the importance of PPE is to analyze the hazards and risks that employees face during their daily job. It’ll make them understand why it’s essential to wear PPE while doing their jobs. They will realize what kind of damage it can cause to themselves.

    PPE training is helpful

    Employers may also carry out PPE training regularly. It‘ll also keep on reminding the employees about the importance of wearing PPE to avoid any hazard. Human beings quite often require reinforcements to continue doing something. Training can help do that. So can incentives.

    Give them the most suitable PPE

    One of the most common excuses from employees not wearing PPE is that they don’t like them. Employees might feel that PPE is not relevant or appropriate for their specific job or the risks they face. Employers must make sure that they provide the employees with the most suitable, comfortable to wear, attractive, and useful PPE. In this way, there will be fewer chances of employees refusing to wear PPE. The quality of the PPE is a significant factor that can turn their “no” to a “yes”. The size, comfortable fabric, and color are some of the factors that employers must be concerned about while selecting safety apparel or PPE for their employees.

    The right PPE will not only be comfortable to wear but shouldn’t also hamper the moveability or range of motion of employees. The best PPE is the one that looks good, feels comfortable, allows the worker to work freely, and, last but not least, protects employees from potential accidents, hazards, and risks.

    Wildrose Garments makes the life of employers easier as they don’t have to worry about anything when they come to us. We have a wide range of safety apparel and PPE for protecting your employees from all kinds of hazards during the job. Visit our website wildrosegarments.com to see our range of products, and to get in touch with us, click contact us.

  5. Choosing The Best Workwear And Safety Apparel For Your Team

    Employers looking to find the best protective apparel for their workers are often walking on a thin line. They have to strike a balance between finding the clothes that protect against unique work hazards while also allowing them to work comfortably.

    Protective gear must also meet federal and industrial requirements while also helping workers to work efficiently. The balance is hard to strike, but if the job of finding the right workwear is done carefully, employers can have workers reach the middle ground where they can have both comfort and safety.

    Wildrose Garments have prepared a list of features to look for while choosing work apparel for your employees. Below are characteristics of the best protective gear. These features will determine your worker's attitude towards the garments and how they will use them for their safety.

    Protection And Durability

    Employees must feel safe and secure in the apparel that is provided to them. They can stand up under challenging and unsafe job conditions if they feel confident about their garment's ability to protect them from workplace hazards.

    If the job is high-risk, employers should make sure the protective gear they choose for their team is resistant to that specific risk. You can attain this information from the manufacturer or your supplier.


    Safety comes first, but highly protective garments that help protect workers from dangerous situations can become a way of their discomfort. If not correctly designed, protective suits can restrict worker's movements and minimize their breathability. This can result in them removing their PPEs and getting exposed to harmful conditions. To avoid this, make sure you select the right design, fabric, and fitting of the apparel for each of your employees.


    Non-breathable suits can become havoc for employees. This is especially true for working under hot conditions. The right design of suits will make sure such problems are catered. For example, if the job requires workers to work in hot temperatures, select garments that come with vents. These vents are designed to provide breathability and maximum protection to make an ideal suit for working in a hot environment.

    Lightweight And Flexible

    The weight, softness, flexibility, and breathability of the fabric all play an essential role in selecting the best workwear and safety apparel for your employees. Some cheap fabrics, although affordable, provide minimum protection and are very difficult to move in. Ensure that the material you're choosing for your apparel is light in weight to provide maximum movement and has good quality to provide the highest protection.

    Should Fit Properly

    While this may cause a bit of trouble for you as an employer to get different apparel sizes, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in the best workwear for your team. For an employee to perform his job efficiently, he or she should not feel that the garment he is wearing is too big or too small for their size. To get a proper fit, either ask your employees to provide you with their right sizes or ask your manufacturer/supplier to deliver the garments in different sizes following a sizing chart.

    Should Be Easy To Wear And Maintain

    If the employees have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the protective apparel, it may discourage proper use. While selecting the garments, make sure they require limited maintenance. Moreover, the garments should be easy to put on and take off to limit direct contact of contaminants on the clothing with the skin.

    Uncomfortable PPE and workwear can significantly affect the productivity of the employees resulting in an increased number of breaks and injuries. At Wildrose Garments, we provide the most authentic and reliable workwear safety apparel. Our garments are manufactured in Canada, and we provide far higher quality than most foreign producers.

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  6. How Custom Embroidery Can Benefit Your Brand Image

    A company that uses custom embroidery will often stand out in a crowd. People tend to respond to businesses that use creative custom logos.

    For example, in a restaurant, you can have your employees wear a proper uniform that has custom embroidery so that more people are aware of your brand.

    Here are a few reasons as to why custom embroidery benefits your brand image.

    Increases Brand Awareness

    Having a custom logo sewed on your employee's shirt is one of the most efficient ways to increase your brand awareness. You can sew logos on shirts, hats, aprons, or any other part of the uniform that is easily visible to the customers.

    This method is a lot cheaper than advertising on a billboard or running television advertisements. You can advertise your brand by spending less money by simply sewing a logo on your uniforms.

    Makes You Look Organized & Professional

    While some people might argue that a custom logo does not make your company look more professional. It is quite the opposite of that in reality. If you see employees wearing a proper uniform that has custom embroidery, you will take the brand more seriously. On top of that, it also makes your brand stand out in a crowd. For example, if you are a fast-food brand in a food court, people can easily recognize your business by only looking at your employee’s uniforms.

    Furthermore, the more creative your logo is, the more people will like it. If your logo is different from all the other companies, then the chances are that people will talk about it, whether on social media or in person. This will give you free marketing as customers will promote your business for you.


    Custom embroidery can be extremely durable and long-lasting. Even if you wash your uniforms in a washing machine, the logo will not fade away. While this might not sound like much, it is especially helpful if you are tight on budget. You will not have to get the new logos continuously printed. What’s more is that if you are collaborating with a good embroidery company, they can put your logo on any material. This is useful if you have a uniform that consists of materials that are hard to print on.

    Gives A Unique Look

    Having a custom embroidered uniform will differentiate you from your competitors. It not only makes you look unique, but it also allows you to stand out more. Plus, your brand looks more refined, and people would want to interact with you.

    These are just a few advantages of having custom embroidery on your merchandise. It can significantly enhance your brand image in the eyes of customers.

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  7. Essential Considerations for Oil and Gas FR Clothing

    Burn injuries are a severe concern for those who work in the oil and gas sector. Employers never know when a pipeline fire might break out when their workers are performing routine maintenance tasks in the field. In case of such unfortunate events, organizations could bear huge expenses like the death of a worker, hospital fees, lost productivity, facing fines from Organizational Safety and Health Administration OSHA, legal costs, enhanced insurance premiums, and reputation damage.

    Preventing fire explosions through safe work practices is better than trying to overcome the damage afterwards. Protecting your employees who operate in such a hazardous work environment through suitable safety workwear such as FR clothing is a key for ensuring workers’ safety and maximizing workplace productivity.

    What is FR Clothing?

    FR clothing is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed to protect workers from fire-related incidents. There are mainly two kinds of FR clothing. People often confuse both of them, which is why it’s important to distinguish between these FR clothing options.

    Flame Resistant clothing: the substance used in the manufacturing of flame-resistant outfits is inherently resistant to embers and sparks. These types of protective garments are also known as fire-resistant attire. The high-quality fire-resistant coveralls are self-extinguishing, which means they will not continue to burn once ignited by a fire event or a flame. The primary objective of utilizing flame-resistant clothing is to reduce the extent of burn injuries

    Flame Retardant Clothing: the substance used in producing flame-resistant attire is the one that is chemically treated, making it flame resistant. The difference is that the original material of this type of safety clothing is not inherently fire resistant; instead, it’s made out of cotton or a cotton-blend. Flame-retardant coveralls are also able to self-extinguish when exposed to flames or a fire-related incident

    It’s worth noting that FR clothing is not entirely fire-proof - at first, it ignites when exposed to fire, but will self-extinguish afterward. This way, it prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of the body and clothes and helps workers avoid potential catastrophic events.

    When to Wear FR Clothing

    As per OSHA, workers of the oil and gas industry have to wear FR clothing during different production processes, including servicing, drilling, and other activities. To be specific, oil and gas employees must wear FR coveralls under the following circumstances:

    • When the drilling process hits formations of hydrocarbons (oils and gases)
    • While extracting oil and gases
    • While servicing active wells of any type
    • While stimulating, capping, or plugging any inactive wells
    • When the well has been placed into operation after drilling
    • When the well fluids are ready for delivery after extraction, separation, and storage

    The OSHA guidelines are meant to protect workers from potential flash fires when they are busy rigging up the operations. They also help in reducing the overall risks associated with a drilling operation that has still not reached the levels of hydrocarbons and gases. Since oil and gas workers continually face numerous work-related hazards, it’s best to direct your employees to wear FR clothing all the time.

    FR Clothing Maintenance

    It’s vital to maintain your company’s FR clothing in good condition. Some organizations hire specialized cleaning services to wash and maintain their workwear; others let their employees take care of their safety garments by themselves. However, proper training will be required in case a company allows its workers to clean and maintain their FR clothing.

    Different FR fabrics will have different washing requirements. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions that are written in the inside label of FR clothing. Also, it’s preferable to replace the old FR safety garments if you find visible defects such as holes or stretching in them.

    Selecting the Best FR Clothing Producers

    Employers in the oil and gas sector have to provide their workers with the right type of insulated workwear as per their workplace requirements. Make sure the FR clothing you are purchasing for your employees is fully compliant with the OSHA standards. Choose the best FR clothing manufacturers who provide proper instructions on how to use, clean, and maintain these protective attires. Last but not least, confirm whether the sellers know about the level of hazards faced by the workers in the oil and gas industry, only that way will they be able to produce high-quality FR fabrics.

    Wildrose Garments produces premium quality safety garments of all kinds right here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Check out the safety workwear we offer on our website or contact us directly for customized service.

  8. Manufacturing The Best Quality Safety Apparel

    Getting your workers to wear safety gear is hard. If you ask your workers about the one thing they dislike, their answer will be wearing safety apparel. The primary reason is that most of the safety apparel companies do not focus on workers’ comfort and ease of use.

    There are some aspects that a safety garment company can look at to make things easier for the employer and convince their workers to wear safety clothing.

    Choose the stuff that’s not tough

    The most important thing to consider when designing safety apparel is the material or fabric with which the apparel is made of. The smoothness and softness of the apparel is critical. It should not be hard and rigid so that it does not hamper the movement of the workers.

    Be wise to offer a size

    The next most important aspect is that the apparel must be sized properly so that it fits the workers well. Despite the comfortable material, if the size is not right, the worker will be in constant discomfort. An uncomfortable worker means they're less productive.

    Make it fashionable

    Your workers can love to wear your safety apparel if you keep it a little trendy in terms of cuts and fitting. Of course, by doing so, the movement of the workers and other protective aspects must not be compromised. The workers must feel that they are not only saving themselves from potential hazards and obeying your company’s request, but are also not looking goofy.

    Wear without fear

    Safety gear must be protective and should improve the safety of the worker, so that the worker can wear it without any doubt of how or that it works. If the worker truly believes that the apparel they're wearing is capable of protecting them from the potential risks, they'll have no qualms about wearing it. For this purpose, employers can conduct demonstrations in collaboration with their vendor showing workers wearing the gear and walking out of a hazard safe and sound.

    Make them feel important

    Employers can carry out adequate training and awareness sessions on the importance of the lives of the workers. In this way, workers who don't realize the significance of wearing safety apparel on the job site would start wearing it. Workers need to realize that their lives are important for themselves, their families and employers.

    Be flexible

    Without sidelining the importance of safety clothing for workers, employers must also realize that they have to be a little flexible while implementing the rules regarding safety clothing. There might be some workers who have a genuine issue in wearing the safety gear.

    One of the examples would be the Sikh community workers who wear turbans and are not able to wear safety helmets or even the coveralls which cover the head with a hood. In this situation, the employees can be shifted to some other section or area, which is less dangerous.

    Encourage workers to wear safety gear

    It's an all-too-common habit among workers not to wear safety gear while executing dangerous jobs, putting themselves in danger of injury or death, and also their employer in danger of prosecution. So many incidents happen because of ignorance towards wearing protective clothing and equipment.

    Workers must be encouraged to wear safety garments. This can be achieved through effective communication between the employers and the employees.

    About Wildrose Garments

    Wildrose garments is one of the top manufacturers of safety garments in Canada. You can go through our range of products by going to our website.

  9. What Are The Types Of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a type of protective apparel and equipment that is used to protect our body from workplace hazards. PPE may be used by employees, students, contractors or visitors in a hazardous workplace. The objective of PPE is to eliminate or minimize the chances of being exposed to different workplace hazards that may result in illnesses and injuries.

    These injuries may occur from coming into contact with corrosive chemicals, electrical, mechanical, radiological, physical and other hazards that vary based on a particular workplace. Personal protective equipment includes gloves, helmets, safety glasses, coveralls, respirators and full body suits.

    Occupational, Safety and Health (OH&S) Code of Alberta

    The Occupational, Safety and Health Code of Alberta provides important guidelines regarding the use of personal protective equipment. According to OH&S Alberta, the most effective way of eliminating injury or illness from a workplace hazard is to eliminate the hazard. This includes ensuring proper ventilation to remove harmful gasses before they come in contact with the workers. Similarly, housekeeping can be used to prevent the risk of slips due to spilt fluids or perhaps from tripping over an object on the floor.

    In circumstances where it is not possible to avoid a hazard, personal protective equipment may be employed for protecting the staff that is subjected to the hazard.

    The District Personal Protective Equipment Guide defines the type of PPE that may be required and whether the employer or the employee is responsible for arranging it.

    It is important to note that PPE is regarded as the least satisfactory way of preventing workplace injury and illness. It is only recommended for use when other measures cannot be implemented instantly. It is important to use PPE to supplement other measures of hazard control employed by the workplace in order to further reduce the risk of illness or injury.

    Use of PPE may involve discomfort and inconvenience, especially if you’ve just started using it. Make sure that you make the right selection in PPE and it properly fits you before you start working.

    Types of PPE

    Personal Protective Equipment can be grouped into the following types on the basis of the protection it offers:

    • Eye Protection - includes spectacles, goggles, visors and eye shields
    • Hearing Protection - includes earplugs and muffs
    • Hand Protection - includes gloves and protective creams
    • Foot Protection - includes shoes and boots
    • Head Protection - includes helmets, headcovers and hoods
    • Working at Heights - includes lanyards and fall arrest devices
    • Skin Protection - includes sunburn cream and insulated clothing
    • Other types of PPE: this can include equipment that is worn for specific purposes, like disposable clothing for working with hazards like chemicals and radiation. This includes coveralls when dealing with chemicals, leather jackets for welding, and protective clothing for working in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

    Duties of Employer

    According to OH&S Alberta, Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment, if the hazard assessment necessitates the use of PPE, then it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the employee wears the correct PPE to stay protected from a particular hazard. Employers must see to it that their employees use PPE properly. Employers need to ensure that the workers are trained on the proper use and maintenance of the personal protective equipment. It is also the employer’s duty to ensure that the use of PPE does not in any way endanger the employee.

    Duties of Employee

    According to the same legislation, it is the duty of an employee to use the PPE recommended by the OH&S code. It is also their duty to wear the PPE properly and adhere to the training and instructions they have received. OH&S also recommends employees to inspect the PPE before using it. Employees must not use PPE that is not meant to perform the intended function.

    Wildrose Garments is one of Canada’s most trusted safety and workwear manufacturers. We have been designing and manufacturing high-quality apparel and safety wear in Canada since 1989. Our commitment, hard work and perseverance have allowed us to evolve from a small family business to one of the nation’s leading makers of quality safety garments. Contact Wildrose Garments today for more details.

  10. What Makes Safety Apparel Essential In A Workplace

    Leading organizations around the world are now focused on providing the best working environment for their workers. This is because professional productivity specialists claim that a better working environment significantly raises the level of productivity for workers on a collective and individual basis. Apart from productivity, there are alarming numbers of accidents and hazards happening on a daily basis around the world and lack of safety apparel for the staff creates serious health and safety concerns for the staff and the organization alike.

    This blog highlights some of the basic reasons why safety apparel is essential in the workplace.

    Abiding Labour Laws

    Modern labour laws make it clear that the safety and health of the workers is the responsibility of the employers. Especially if the labour workers are working in difficult conditions and occupations. Some examples of high-risk occupations are working in a mine, rigs, construction, road and infrastructure and many more. If the employers are not paying enough attention to the safety of the workers the government can impose heavy monetary fines and even ban the organization. For this reason, it is essential that all employers must provide the needed safety apparel to their staff to abide by the labour laws of the land.

    Protection of Staff

    Safety apparel provides psychological relaxation along with physical protection to the workers. Wearing safety apparel makes the workers more confident as they go through the difficult tasks of their daily routines. Employers in this sense are also relaxed as they have equipped their staff to perform better and with safety while they perform their duties. When the staff feels safe in their working environment they are already more productive and this raises the employees’ motivation levels as well.

    Minimizing Occupational Hazards

    Labourers who work in high-risk workplaces like mines and the construction industry have more chances to experience an occupational hazard. There are dangerous fumes in mines and the construction jobs can become a huge misfortune even if a minor mistake is committed. Today, jobs have become more challenging and this pushes the workers to perform better. In this sense, if they are not given proper safety wear they will be exposed to danger on a continuous basis. This constant fear of a hazard will restrict the workers’ performance and minimize their productivity.

    Better Visibility For Workers

    Staff who wear the proper safety apparel with high visibility are better able to work even when there is low light conditions. There are many jobs that demand workers to work at night and if they are not given safety apparel with high visibility they will be exposed to serious threats of hazard as they perform their duties.

    Promote Cleanliness and Hygiene

    When you equip your staff with premium quality safety apparel, they feel comfortable and safe but most of all they have a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. Hygiene itself is an important safety feature in many organizations. Especially if those organizations are dealing with food or medicinal products. Keeping these points in mind, we can be assured that having safety apparel is a must for our workers as it will minimize the chance of an occupational hazard and raise their productivity as well.

    Wildrose Garments manufactures premium quality safety apparel of all types right here in Edmonton, Alberta. Check out our full lineup of products we offer by visiting our website or call us directly for personalized service.