1. Exploring The Benefits of Safety Garments

    Safety workwear is a lineup of workplace garments used to improve the safety of the wearer. It’s a common fact that the work environment carries hazards that may not be apparent at the surface, but they are lurking in the background. Wearing safety garments is a habit workers should all get accustomed to. Industries are filled with machinery which are operated by hand, bringing you up close with many potential dangers. How can you stay clean and safe? Wear appropriate safety garments.

    Keep your clothes clean

    The advantages of wearing safety garments are numerous. The first benefit of wearing safety garments is a layer of protection that keeps your regular clothing clean. Machines require lubrication to work, which is greasy and can stick to your clothing. Wearing occupational garments can help keep your clothing clean while working around machines.

    High-visibility in dark working conditions

    High-visibility (hi-viz) is also a feature of safety workwear. Imagine working in an environment where neither you nor others can see properly, especially when you are working around moving vehicles and equipment. To keep yourself safe from these situations, it is advisable to wear hi-viz safety clothing to improve visibility.

    Protection from fire

    The fire hazards that are present in the workplace, like flammable material and open wires are a threat to the health and well-being of the workers. Insulating workwear will keep you safe from the harmful effects of heat.

    Fire-resistant material is used in making these garments, which keeps your skin safe from burns. When you are exposed to equipment like welding machines, you must take extra care. Usually, we are too distracted by our work so we don’t see the imminent danger of our clothes catching fire. Harmful impacts of fire on your health can be avoided by wearing safety workwear.

    Safety from chemicals

    Handling chemicals is not a safe job. Some chemicals are corrosive in nature, which means they are extremely reactive to skin. You can get burnt in the process if you are not wearing the appropriate workwear. That is why workwear is highly important in protecting you from the dangers of chemicals. It is the responsibility of employers to make sure all their workers are working under safe conditions.

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  2. Workplace Safety And The Role Of Occupational Garments

    Workplace safety clothing has become a necessity as it plays a crucial role in various hazardous work environments where workers have to conduct difficult physical tasks on a daily basis. In many developed countries like Canada, employers who do not provide protective equipment to their employees or don’t meet safety requirements face legal consequences. In order to avoid safety-related issues, make sure to provide relevant and high-quality workwear to your workers based on their safety needs.

    Workplace safety

    There is a broad range of safety garments available in Canada: coveralls, bib pants, shop coats, high-visibility clothing, parkas. These quality apparels keep workers safe up to a certain point from industrial hazards and injuries. The purpose is not only to meet government policies but to make employees’ lives easier and safer. For example, the use of simple hi-viz coveralls can save the wearer’s life when worn in poor lighting conditions.

    Impact on productivity

    The output of your manufacturing floor decreases when workers do not feel comfortable or safe in their outfits. But if you're providing enough protection to your employees, the quality of work will increase and competent skilled workforce will feel better about performing their tasks. The nature of workwear may vary from workplace to workplace. You can easily find the workwear that suits your environment.

    Selection of the right protective equipment is important. You can consult a workwear manufacturer to get quick and effective advice. The workwear manufacturer understands the properties and limitations of an occupational dress code. One of the advantages of safety wear is that your staff will look and feel more professional.

    Some tough occupational environments such as construction sites, roofing, paving, and auto workshops involve a potential risk of injuries. Workers are required to use proper equipment so that they can protect their body from heavy machinery and sharp moving objects.

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    Safety gear

    So far as foot protection is concerned, workers can find fiberglass and galvanized footguards that can easily be worn over normal shoes. Other safety items include heat-resistant shoes, rubber boots, and metal toe boots.

    Hazards that can injure arms and hands are electric shocks, cuts, burns, and chemical spills. Gloves designed specifically for your work should be used to ensure safety against these hazards. Moreover, the use of customized workwear gives your workers a sense of identity and professionalism. Head safety is very important as small falling objects can cause severe injuries. Construction workers use hard hats to ensure head safety. Do not forget or ignore head safety if your workplace involves hazards.

    As an employer, it’s a good idea to get custom protective garments for your staff. Whether your staff needs coveralls or shop coats, you can get your company logo or name embroidered on safety clothes and make them branded.

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  3. The Importance Of Personalized Workwear

    When it comes to developing a professional environment, what your employees wear goes a long way. The uniform your staff wear must be designed in a way that it reflects identity, safety, and comfort. Successful companies customize occupational garments for their employees. Embroidery and silkscreening are two of the techniques to customize professional workwear.

    While uniforms have been common for soldiers and police officers, they have become a common practice in workplace environments. The development of innovative workwear items such as coveralls and bib pants have helped organizations improve workplace safety. As a business owner or manager, you must consider utilizing relevant and customized safety garments in your company. Here are some of the benefits of personalized occupational uniforms:

    Enhanced professionalism

    The use of customized workwear helps companies create a professional environment where it’s easy to make your employees stand out from the crowd. A sense of identity will help your workers get things done in an efficient manner. Personalized appearance is also important when it comes to brand identity. It's important to have a good presence when it comes to personalized workwear. Getting your company logo embroidered on your occupational uniform is an example of personalized uniform.

    Brand identity

    From digital marketing to physical signs, companies use a variety of marketing tools to promote brand identity. While these marketing channels are expensive, you can use workwear as an effective marketing tool. You can use silk screening services or custom embroidery to empower your uniform with your branding colors, logos, and the name of your business. It will make it easy for your customers to recognize your brand. Contact a workwear manufacturer that also provides custom embroidery and silk screening services.

    Occupational safety

    One of the prime functions of occupational garments is to ensure workplace safety. For example, if your staff has to work in poor lighting, hi-viz safety garments become imperative. Industries like construction and traffic management have to deal with poor lighting which is a safety hazard. Companies in the welding, construction, manufacturing and shipping industries can reduce employee injuries through the appropriate use of protective clothing.

    Firefighters also need a highly protective outfits to effectively resist heat and fire so they perform their job with peace of mind. If your employees are worried about their safety, your facility is likely to experience reduced productivity. Make sure to implement the proper workwear clothing.

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  4. How To Ensure Your Workwear Is Comfortable

    Comfort and ease of work are two of the key features of high-quality occupational garments. Some workers have to perform tough duties for more than 8 hours every day, so they need comfortable clothing to carry out their day-to-day tasks with peace of mind. Safety is also a critical feature when it comes to workwear. It is also a prime function of workwear products to provide a sufficient level of protection from dust, dirt and other hazards.

    As an employer, make sure to provide your employees with high-quality safety garments that meet their unique requirements. Here is what you need to consider when buying occupational clothing for your employees:

    Choose fabric carefully

    The comfort level of workwear items largely depends on its fabric. Therefore, pay due attention to the fabric. Cotton is one of the popular choices when it comes to comfort, durability, and ease of washing. Cotton safety T-shirts, cotton coveralls, and quilted cotton bomber jackets are some of the widely used workwear products. Some employers prefer to get tailor-made garments that align well with their unique professional environment.

    Talk to your employees

    Your employees probably know your workplace better than you. They understand what kinds of hazards they have to deal with on a daily basis, and what kinds of clothing would be appropriate. Sit with your workers and ask them for suggestions. Do your workers feel comfortable wearing cotton T-shirts or do they prefer to wear cotton bib pants? It’s important to get their feedback before placing any orders.

    Moreover, it’s also crucial to evaluate your workplace for hazards. Safety garments can be effective against hazards up to a certain level. For example, hi-viz safety garments are highly effective when workers have to perform their duties in poor lighting conditions.

    Color does matter

    Colors have a considerable impact on the human psyche. Not every color can be used to design safety garments. For instance, black isn’t an appropriate apparel color for people who work in low light conditions. Imagine a situation where workers are wearing white coveralls and they are working around dirt and stains. Bright and bold colors are widely used to design occupational garments due to their high visibility properties.

    Choose a reputable safety garments manufacturer

    Find a reputable safety garments manufacturer in order to ensure your work suit is comfortable and durable. Some safety garment manufacturers such as Wildrose Garments also offer silk screening and embroidery services. You can use these services to customize your clothes. Have your logo and company name embroidered on shirts, coveralls, bib pants, and jackets. It will give your employees a sense of identity and professionalism.

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  5. What is Silkscreen Printing?

    Walking around in coveralls which have your brand name embroidered on them will instil a sense of professionalism and identity in your employees. Working in dangerous situations with many potential hazards around is not an easy job. Protective wear becomes a necessity in such situations. Ignoring safety measures can get your employees into all sorts of workplace-related health issues.

    As a worker, you can get caught in moving machinery or worse, get stuck in it. There’s also the risk of transportation-related accidents which are horrible enough to scare you into wearing occupational safety garments.

    If you’re working in factories with giant, scary equipment that makes your bones jitter, use engineering controls as well as safety garments to improve your situation.

    Wildrose Garments has mastered the art of silk-screen printing for protective work wear. It’s a service that gives you the exciting option of personalizing your uniform with your logo, or your company name. Silk-screening is among the most popular printing techniques despite the fact that it has been in use for over a hundred years.

    How it’s done:

    The fact that silk screening is still pertinent and very much in use drives business owners to take advantage of this traditional technology to personalize occupational garments.

    • Various materials are used in the process of silk-screen printing. The first thing you’ll need is a printing frame. The design is printed onto a sheet, allowing the ink to be transferred.
    • When it comes to printing the logo onto the fabric of your work-wear, a scraper is used to screen the colors.
    • There is one layer for each color and you can apply up to a maximum of 4 shades.
    • Now coming to the tricky part. Applying a layer requires you to be extra careful because sometimes, in a hurry, we tend to forget about a very important step: drying.
    • Leaving the frame ink to dry is crucial or else you’d end up ruining the print.

    Benefits of Silk Screen Printing

    In recent years, silk-screening has been modernized. Ink and machinery available have revolutionized the silk-screening work. The most recent advancements allow us to get high-quality final products. Print runs now have an excellent quality-price ratio and personalized items come with durability and grit. Other features include:

    • Unique visual result
    • Long lasting effect
    • Versatility
    • Economical

    Vibrant colors are produced with silk screen printing method; these shades are hard to replicate by other printing techniques which is why silk-screening remains to be the most popular screening technique. Another major benefit of silk-screening is that it is very economical for printing logos or names onto uniforms.

    Here at Wildrose Garments, we provide premium quality silk screening services. For more information about our workwear products or silk screening services, visit our website!

  6. How Does Flame-Resistant Clothing Improve Workplace Safety?

    Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is not just a choice but a necessity for many utility and petrochemical workers. As an employer, you may be overwhelmed with fabric and garments choices while deciding the most appropriate safety garments for your employees. Before you make a decision, don’t forget to evaluate your workplace safety requirements so that you can make the right decision.

    What is flame-resistant (FR) clothing?

    Simply put, FR clothing self-extinguishes or resists ignition once the source of ignition is removed. Even if an FR piece of garments catches fire, it will not keep on burning once the source of ignition is removed. It’s important to mention that FR clothing is not fully fireproof which means that safety garments come with limitations. Garments that resist catching fire are the most important piece of personal protective equipment for many industries such as firefighting and welding.

    Workwear safety garments such as coveralls and jackets are often built with FR properties along with other features such as high visibility and protection against water. If your employees are exposed to fire, sparks, heat or anything that may cause injuries, make sure you get appropriate workwear and other personal protective equipment that suits your unique environment.

    Need for flame-resistant garments

    Electric arc, combustible dust explosions, electrical equipment, welding sparks, and flash fire are some of the hazards that can be addressed through fire-resistant apparel which plays a critical role in improving safety standards at most workplace environments. When selecting protective equipment, ask your employees about the potential hazards that may cause harm. You can carry out a hazard analysis to determine the degree of protection your employees need to ensure safety.

    The combustible material can burn quickly; when dust accumulates in the air and reaches a certain level of concentration, it can act as an explosive creating serious health concerns for workers. The benefit of flame-resistant clothing is the provision of a layer of safety against heat and fire.

    You should take into account several factors when selecting workwear: the fabric, type, size, weight, level of protection, and the overall comfort. The comfort, feel, and look of any safety garment depends largely upon its constituents and the manufacturing process. Make sure to buy your workwear from a reliable workwear manufacturer.

    Nomex coveralls, pants, jackets, and coats are manufactured with the best-known inherently FR fabric. FR clothing and fabrics can vary, therefore, be sure to select the appropriate workwear that will make your workers feel confident in terms of protection, comfort, and durability.

    Being an employer, you should pay due attention to the safety needs of your workers and protect them with the right combination of safety measures.

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    Wildrose Garments is one of the largest safety garments manufacturers in Canada. We offer a broad assortment of safety garments including flame-resistant, coveralls, parkas and pants. Visit our online catalog to explore our products and their unique features!

  7. Wildrose Garments: A Reliable Workwear Manufacturer In Canada

    Workwear refers to a broad range of safety garments many professionals wear to safely perform tough manual jobs such as welding, construction, firefighting, and machine operations. The prime objective of wearing workwear is to make the job safe and minimize the impact of workplace hazards. Wildrose Garments is a workwear manufacturer in Canada where we produce and sell a broad assortment of occupational garments. From a variety of coveralls to bib pants and shop coats, we are a one-stop workwear solutions provider for Canadians.

    Insulated workwear

    Warm insulated workwear is needed in certain parts of Canada when performing work duties outside due to harsh weather conditions. Insulated workwear such as insulated coveralls can provide you with the protection and warmth you need to carry out your job with comfort and ease. Our collection of insulated coveralls is ideal for Canadian weather. We also manufacture custom safety clothing that will not only instill a sense of professionalism in your employees but also keep them protected against hazards.

    Hi-viz safety

    Hi-viz safety comes with a variety of workwear products: vests, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, overalls, etc. We offer one of the largest collections of hi-viz safety garments in Canada. Enhance the visibility of your employees to ensure their safety in poor lighting conditions, especially when they have to perform their work near traffic or construction sites. No matter your industry or profession, you will be able to find the hi-viz garments you need to make your job safe. Check out our hi-viz workwear collection.

    Personalized, custom workwear

    We empower you to personalize your occupational workwear with your logo and name. Whether it is a pair of coveralls or a shop coat, the name or logo of your company will give your employees an identity.

    Canadians go through some of the toughest weather conditions in the world. We are actively working to make life easier for Canadians. The material, workmanship, personalization, and manufacturing process are some of the reasons why you can count on us.

    Contact us

    Wildrose Garments strives for higher clothing standards and produces top quality products within the industry. Our online store makes it easy for you to order anywhere from Canada and have your ideal pair of safety apparels at your doorstep. Our facility in Edmonton is located just off the Yellowhead Freeway in Edmonton, Alberta. You can visit us to order or pick up your order or you can have your order delivered to your doorstep. Contact us for more information!

  8. Ensuring Workplace Safety With Protective Garments

    Insulated workwear is critical for a worker who has to perform his duties in extreme weather. Similarly, a fireman can’t do his work without wearing fire-retardant clothes which provide sufficient protection from heat. There are so many professions which make it mandatory for workers to wear appropriate safety garments to prevent workplace hazards. When it comes to workplace hazards, there is a long list which includes burns, falls, shocks, splashes, dirt, dust, chemicals, etc.

    May industries are obligated to implement machine safeguards and other safety systems to ensure employees’ safety. Wearing protective garments becomes vital in situations where engineering control are not adequate to ensure safety. Needless to mention that the number of workplace injuries can be reduced by implementing a dress code.

    From traffic wardens to people working on a construction site or oil fields, workers can stay out of trouble by understanding the nature of workplace hazards and techniques to prevent them. One of the techniques is to wear a relevant dress which is in compliance with your profession. For example, construction workers have to do their jobs in poor light conditions. High visibility safety clothing can be used to improve the visibility of a wearer.

    Safety workwear items such as coveralls, hi-viz jackets, insulated pants, and bib pants can be used in a range of industrial applications. It is also important to learn how occupational uniforms should be used as a protection layer against many hazards.

    As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide essential training, dress codes, and protective equipment to your employees so that they can make better use of their workwear. Safety apparel provides protection to an extent as it has limitations. You can’t jump into the fire just because you are wearing a fire-resistant suit. Your protective equipment comes with limitations and it is important to keep those limitations in mind.

    Regulatory authorities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides workplace safety guidelines for almost every industry. As a safety manager, make sure your employees wear proper apparel when dealing with dangerous hazards. Also, make sure your workplace is following the dress codes described by regulatory authorities.

    If you are not sure what kind of clothing is appropriate for your job, feel free to contact Wildrose Garments. We provide custom safety garments to workers associated with a broad range of industries. We also provide silk screening and custom embroidery services. Contact us for more information!

  9. Protective Garments To Ensure Workplace Safety

    Carrying out a workplace hazard assessment is a fundamental step towards improving workplace safety as the process helps safety managers understand the potential hazards and the health risks associated with them. There are certain workplace hazards which can’t be satisfactorily addressed by using engineering and safety controls. Situations where engineering controls fail, workers have to use safety garments to add a layer of safety. Common workplace hazards include dust, dirt, harmful chemicals, splashes, cuts, burns, fractures, bruises, etc.

    It is advisable to utilize relevant safety wear and protective gear to protect employees from dangerous chemicals, sharp objects, and other safety concerns. Hard hat, coveralls, gloves, shop coats, arm coverings, and goggles are some common and frequently used personal protective items that protect the wearer’s body parts: hands, arms, eyes, legs, etc. As a business owner or safety manager, it is your prime duty to protect your employees from all kinds of workplace hazards.

    Safety garments play an important role in improving the productivity of a work environment. Whether you own a construction business or run a manufacturing plant, improving safety standards for your employees will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

    As an employee, You should work towards understanding your work environment and safety risks. When you are aware of the potential health risks present at your shop, facility, or outdoor workplace, it becomes easy to take appropriate measures. Some hazards such as low visibility can be addressed by simply using protective garments such as high-viz safety coveralls and vests.

    If you think there is a need for safety equipment to avoid contact with toxic substances or harmful physical agents, make sure to choose relevant, durable and effective workwear. Moreover, your protective garments should be comfortable and fulfill the purpose for which it is intended. There is a variety of materials that are used to manufacture different types of coveralls, bib pants, vests, bomber, parka, jackets, etc.

    Old or worn out clothes with impaired protective properties must be replaced on time. Also, it is important to know the limitations of your safety gear because clothes can provide safety against hazards to a certain extent.

    If you are not sure where to buy high-quality safety garments in Canada, visit Wildrose Garments, an online shop where you can buy a comprehensive range of protective garments ranging from high-viz safety pants to a wide range of work coveralls. We also provide value added services such as silk screening and custom embroidery which you can use to give your occupational clothes a professional touch. Contact us for more information!

  10. Safety Benefits Provided By Industrial Coveralls

    Workers associated with various professions use coveralls as a shield to protect them from a number of hazards. Safety garments come in different fabrics, thickness and styles depending on their intended function. Chemical spills, sharp moving objects, sparks, and weather are some of the reasons why people use safety garments during work. The major function of coveralls is to provide comfort and protection against hazards so the individual can work comfortably without worrying about workplace hazards. Here are some of the benefits of wearing coveralls in industrial environments:

    1. Skin Protection

    Coveralls can be used for a diverse range of workplace applications. They are called coveralls because they cover the entire body from head to toe. Being a safety gear for various professions, coveralls are also used as a standard uniform in some workplace settings. There is a variety of coveralls which employees can wear depending on their safety needs. However, skin protection is a basic function of coveralls. For example, if you are a welder, a coverall can help you protect your skin from sparks and flame.

    High-visibility coveralls, for instance, are used to enhance the visibility of a wearer in low-light environments. Impermeable safety garments help professionals stay protected against dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Likewise, fire-resistant coveralls can withstand heat which makes them an ideal workwear for people who have to work around fire and heat.

    2. Improved visibility

    High-visibility clothing is designed for people who work close to roads and moving vehicles. Hi-viz coveralls significantly improve wearer’s visibility in adverse weather conditions. High-vis coveralls become absolutely essential when workers need both visibility and protection against dirt and other hazards.

    3. Protection against weather

    It is certainly hard to work when the temperature falls to an unacceptable point. In order to keep going, laborers need garments that can add an extra layer of warmth. Insulated coveralls are the best protective clothing for workers who need both warmth and workplace safety.

    4. Clothing protection

    People cannot afford to get their regular clothes dirty while working in a dirty environment. Dirt is a common hazard that workers face on daily basis. Apart from professionals, individuals can also wear coveralls while performing tasks like replacing a kitchen tap. The availability of coveralls in different fabrics, sizes, and designs make it easy for workers to select coveralls that meet their unique requirements. You should analyze the nature of hazards present at your workplace before making a purchase.

    It is important to buy high-quality safety coveralls that can withstand harsh environments. If you are located in Canada, Wildrose Garments is the best coverall supplier which offers affordable and premium quality coveralls plus other safety clothing. Visit our online store for more information!