How Does Flame-Resistant Clothing Improve Workplace Safety?

Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is not just a choice but a necessity for many utility and petrochemical workers. As an employer, you may be overwhelmed with fabric and garments choices while deciding the most appropriate safety garments for your employees. Before you make a decision, don’t forget to evaluate your workplace safety requirements so that you can make the right decision.

What is flame-resistant (FR) clothing?

Simply put, FR clothing self-extinguishes or resists ignition once the source of ignition is removed. Even if an FR piece of garments catches fire, it will not keep on burning once the source of ignition is removed. It’s important to mention that FR clothing is not fully fireproof which means that safety garments come with limitations. Garments that resist catching fire are the most important piece of personal protective equipment for many industries such as firefighting and welding.

Workwear safety garments such as coveralls and jackets are often built with FR properties along with other features such as high visibility and protection against water. If your employees are exposed to fire, sparks, heat or anything that may cause injuries, make sure you get appropriate workwear and other personal protective equipment that suits your unique environment.

Need for flame-resistant garments

Electric arc, combustible dust explosions, electrical equipment, welding sparks, and flash fire are some of the hazards that can be addressed through fire-resistant apparel which plays a critical role in improving safety standards at most workplace environments. When selecting protective equipment, ask your employees about the potential hazards that may cause harm. You can carry out a hazard analysis to determine the degree of protection your employees need to ensure safety.

The combustible material can burn quickly; when dust accumulates in the air and reaches a certain level of concentration, it can act as an explosive creating serious health concerns for workers. The benefit of flame-resistant clothing is the provision of a layer of safety against heat and fire.

You should take into account several factors when selecting workwear: the fabric, type, size, weight, level of protection, and the overall comfort. The comfort, feel, and look of any safety garment depends largely upon its constituents and the manufacturing process. Make sure to buy your workwear from a reliable workwear manufacturer.

Nomex coveralls, pants, jackets, and coats are manufactured with the best-known inherently FR fabric. FR clothing and fabrics can vary, therefore, be sure to select the appropriate workwear that will make your workers feel confident in terms of protection, comfort, and durability.

Being an employer, you should pay due attention to the safety needs of your workers and protect them with the right combination of safety measures.

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