11 Reasons Why You Need Fire-Resistant Clothing In A Factory

A factory is a place where accidents can occur. Workers might be at risk in day to day operations and their job routines might cause them to ignore their safety from time to time. It is in fact for this reason factories are not considered safe, and therefore require some safety guidelines, emergency plans, and the need to wear ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE) while workers are working. Evidently, a piece of fire-resistant clothing is on top of the list of PPE related apparel.

According to some industry specialists, fire hazards in the workplace or factories are the highest contributors to workplace hazards overall. If the factory or the workplace deals with high electricity voltage machines or uses flammable materials, chances of a fire hazard are significantly amplified. It is from this perspective that this blog will highlight 11 reasons why you need to wear fire-resistant clothing while working in a factory.

Combustible Material Left Unattended

In a factory setting there are many objects or materials often left unattended and this could be a potential risk for the workers to trip over something. There’s a chance an employee or guest could also light a match near combustible material, initiating a fire without any intention. The potential for fire-resistant clothing in such a situation is simply un-ignorable. This is the reason why factories having combustible materials need to maintain a sharp exit plan in case of a fire.

Liquids And Vapours That Can Catch Fire

Workers often use aerosol sprays, body sprays, and other related products for their personal hygiene and even room fresheners often have combustible liquids. It is certainly not a surprise that a fire can start, where heavy flammable gasses are present. In this case, factories which manufacture perfumes or even oil refineries cannot set aside the chance that a fire may start in their workplace. Hence, the importance of fire-resistant apparel is clear.

Dust And Wood Shavings

Factories that deal with wood-based products like furniture, or decorative pieces stay consistently covered with wood-based dust and wood shavings which are highly flammable. It is a standard approach that workers in such situations are prepared for fire hazards and this becomes another reason why fire-resistant clothing is important.

Blocked Fire Exits

It is a standard protocol that every workplace especially factories have fire exits. However, it is possible that those fire exits are blocked due to repairs, mismanagement or any other unforeseen reason. This again creates the need to equip the workers with fire-resistant clothing so they can sustain themselves in a fire hazard for a longer period of time.

Fire Doors Not Checked

Factories having proper fire hazard protocols need on time and regular check-ups of the fire doors. It is possible for the fire doors to get stuck and in emergency situations, they are not accessible. In this regard, having fire-resistant clothing will definitely help the workers to get to a safe place.

Heat Generating Objects

There are many factories and even workshops that deal with furnaces. Perhaps, even professional chef’s kitchens have dangerous levels of heat sources and pressure cookers which are potentially dangerous. Such types of workplaces need fire-resistant apparel for the workers’ safety and better working conditions.

Electrical Faults

Electric failures and short circuits can happen at any time anywhere. Especially in the rainy season or in case of a storm. There are many issues with irregular electricity supply which can become a potential fire hazard in the workplace. Therefore, creating a need for the workers to wear fire-resistant and waterproof items of clothing in such situations will definitely raise workplace safety measures.

Misuse Of Firearms

Factories that make firearms or gun shooting ranges are mostly at risk of a firearm-related accident. It is not such a far fetched idea to think that a stray bullet could hit a flammable liquid or any other combustible material and a fire could break out. Bulletproof vests cannot save you from fire.

Power Sockets Overloaded

Power sockets can catch fire when they are overloaded. It does not matter if it happens at home or the workplace it is equally dangerous. Fire that is created with electricity is often difficult to control and therefore becomes a bigger threat than regular fossil fuel-based fires. Simply put, the need for fire-resistant clothing in such conditions is very high.


Smoking around flammable objects or materials is considered very dangerous. The smoker may not even know and throw a lit cigarette on the ground hoping that it will go out eventually but it can roll away due to wind, causing a fire to start. It is essential that one has to be very careful in such cases and must be prepared to save themselves in such a situation.

Human Negligence

Human negligence is as old as human existence, and chances are it's not going away that easy any time soon. It’s always a smart choice to keep fire-resistant clothing at one’s personal disposal so it can be used in emergency situations. Companies that have strong workplace safety regulations make sure all their workers are given proper PPE apparel to save them in a fire hazard.

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