Ways To Convince Your Employees To Wear PPE

Employers don’t only have to arrange the appropriate safety wear for their employees but also have to make sure they’re ready to wear it properly and make full use of it to save their lives. It’s not that easy to convince your employees to wear safety wear on the job. There are some ways in which you can make sure or at least enhance the chances of your employees wearing safety apparel.

Let’s see some of the ways how employers can make their employees show responsibility towards wearing protective clothing while doing their job.

Make it company culture to wear PPE

One great way to make sure your employees wear PPE is to make it a company-wide culture. Employers must make sure that the rule to wear PPE is enforced and implemented on all the relevant employees. When an employee who should be wearing a PPE but isn’t, sees another person doing the same kind of job with safety apparel on, they are more likely to wear it themself.

Employers must announce a company-wide policy and communicate it properly to everybody who must wear PPE. It must be a part of company culture, and not just a policy meant for employees to ignore. There must be a priority for the safety of the employees, which will automatically convince them to wear PPE. When the employees know that their employers are worried and concerned about their lives and well being, it creates a positive emotion. This positivity makes them obey the rules and policies set by employers.

Hazard analysis would work

Another way to make employees realize the importance of PPE is to analyze the hazards and risks that employees face during their daily job. It’ll make them understand why it’s essential to wear PPE while doing their jobs. They will realize what kind of damage it can cause to themselves.

PPE training is helpful

Employers may also carry out PPE training regularly. It‘ll also keep on reminding the employees about the importance of wearing PPE to avoid any hazard. Human beings quite often require reinforcements to continue doing something. Training can help do that. So can incentives.

Give them the most suitable PPE

One of the most common excuses from employees not wearing PPE is that they don’t like them. Employees might feel that PPE is not relevant or appropriate for their specific job or the risks they face. Employers must make sure that they provide the employees with the most suitable, comfortable to wear, attractive, and useful PPE. In this way, there will be fewer chances of employees refusing to wear PPE. The quality of the PPE is a significant factor that can turn their “no” to a “yes”. The size, comfortable fabric, and color are some of the factors that employers must be concerned about while selecting safety apparel or PPE for their employees.

The right PPE will not only be comfortable to wear but shouldn’t also hamper the moveability or range of motion of employees. The best PPE is the one that looks good, feels comfortable, allows the worker to work freely, and, last but not least, protects employees from potential accidents, hazards, and risks.

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