Do Your Workers Need Hi-Viz Safety Workwear? Here Is What You Need To Know

With the growing number of projects, it’s time for employers and managers to make sure their team’s high visibility clothing meets industry standards. The safety of your workers should be one of your top priorities when it comes to work environments where visibility is a concern.

Learn about what matters for hi-viz safety and how you can choose the ideal safety garments for your employees. Since hi-viz safety garments come in a range of materials and designs, you need to consider some important factors when buying hi-viz shirts, coveralls, jackets, pants, etc. for yourself or your team.

Need for hi-viz safety

For a worker, the whole point of wearing hi-viz clothing is to stand out. However, there are a variety of options. High Visibility safety garments are more complex than you might think. They are more than just a bright color or a strip of silver.

Any industry that involves moving machinery needs hi-viz garments to protect their workers against poor light conditions. People associated with the construction and highway repair industries understand how crucial it is to keep the workers safe and protected against visibility-related hazards.

As a worker, when you work around machines or vehicles, don’t put your life at risk if you can’t be seen. Simply put, if you’re not visible during your work, you’re not safe and you need hi-vis clothing. Road workers are often at a higher risk of injuries when they don’t consider how visible they are to others around them.

Do your workers really need to wear hi-viz apparel?

First of all, assess all of your job sites for potential hazards that your employees may face while performing their jobs. If you think there is a risk of your workers being hit by moving objects, take immediate preventive measures.

Traffic flow, visibility, work rates, and temperature are some of the key factors to consider when carrying out the hazard assessment. It’s also important to consider how changing weather can affect the lighting conditions. For example, fog or snow can seriously impair the ability of a driver to see far.

Garments provide a layer of protection, an extension of your engineering and administrative hazard controls. They provide sufficient protection when some parts of your job site need to be visually identifiable from other workers in the area.

Many people don’t realize that hi-viz garments only work when there is a light shining on them. But if your employees work in a different environment, make sure to understand the limitations of your hi-viz safety gear. Wearing high-visibility apparel should be the last line of protection against accidents.

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