Choosing The Right Safety Apparel For Your Job

Occupational workwear is one of the common types of personal protective equipment (PPE). While safety garments seem like workplace essentials, selecting the right safety clothing for your job can be a daunting process. Many people working in environments such as mining, traffic management, construction, manufacturing, chemical handling, firefighting and more require safety gear.

Some industries realize the significance of implementing the right workwear strategy to ensure the safety of employees. If you are looking to get the right gear for your workers, you need to assess the nature of hazards present at your facility and choose the right clothing either protective or safety.

Safety apparel

Safety apparel, also PPE apparel, is made to protect the wearer against various workplace hazards such as heat, dirt, sparks, chemical spills, etc. However, these types of safety gear allow for particle penetration, which means they can’t be used in rigidly controlled environments. The handling of safety apparel can increase the likelihood of contamination. People who have to work in strictly controlled environments can’t wear PPE apparel as it can compromise their safety. Safety clothing is essential for workers who have to work around various hazards on a daily basis.

Types of safety apparel

There are hundreds of different workwear used for different conditions. However, the following are some of the major types of safety apparel:

1. High-visibility:

High-viz safety apparel is designed to make the wearer more visible. Low visibility is one of the major occupational injuries that often lead to casualties. Therefore, it is critical to wear high-viz safety coveralls, pants, overalls, jackets, or any other high-viz apparel to ensure employees’ safety against poor lighting at work.

Proper lighting makes work environments more safe because the sense of sight is hugely important in preventing accidents. Whether you work outdoor or in an indoor industrial setting, if the light conditions at your workplace aren't up to an acceptable level, make sure your employees wear high-visibility apparel for the job.

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2. Flame-resistant:

Professionals like engineers and welders have to work around high temperatures and flames. The role for flame-resistant safety apparel is to make these jobs safe. This type of safety apparel protects the wearer against heat and fire up to a certain level. It is not right to entirely depend on fire retardant gear especially when working with open flames.

Examine your work environment with the ability of your safety gear to withstand heat hazards. In addition to rubber gloves and aprons, safety workwear is also designed to prevent harmful exposure to industrial chemicals.

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