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  1. Manufacturing The Best Quality Safety Apparel

    Getting your workers to wear safety gear is hard. If you ask your workers about the one thing they dislike, their answer will be wearing safety apparel. The primary reason is that most of the safety apparel companies do not focus on workers’ comfort and ease of use.

    There are some aspects that a safety garment company can look at to make things easier for the employer and convince their workers to wear safety clothing.

    Choose the stuff that’s not tough

    The most important thing to consider when designing safety apparel is the material or fabric with which the apparel is made of. The smoothness and softness of the apparel is critical. It should not be hard and rigid so that it does not hamper the movement of the workers.

    Be wise to offer a size

    The next most important aspect is that the apparel must be sized properly so that it fits the workers well. Despite the comfortable material, if the size is not right, the worker will be in constant discomfort. An uncomfortable worker means they're less productive.

    Make it fashionable

    Your workers can love to wear your safety apparel if you keep it a little trendy in terms of cuts and fitting. Of course, by doing so, the movement of the workers and other protective aspects must not be compromised. The workers must feel that they are not only saving themselves from potential hazards and obeying your company’s request, but are also not looking goofy.

    Wear without fear

    Safety gear must be protective and should improve the safety of the worker, so that the worker can wear it without any doubt of how or that it works. If the worker truly believes that the apparel they're wearing is capable of protecting them from the potential risks, they'll have no qualms about wearing it. For this purpose, employers can conduct demonstrations in collaboration with their vendor showing workers wearing the gear and walking out of a hazard safe and sound.

    Make them feel important

    Employers can carry out adequate training and awareness sessions on the importance of the lives of the workers. In this way, workers who don't realize the significance of wearing safety apparel on the job site would start wearing it. Workers need to realize that their lives are important for themselves, their families and employers.

    Be flexible

    Without sidelining the importance of safety clothing for workers, employers must also realize that they have to be a little flexible while implementing the rules regarding safety clothing. There might be some workers who have a genuine issue in wearing the safety gear.

    One of the examples would be the Sikh community workers who wear turbans and are not able to wear safety helmets or even the coveralls which cover the head with a hood. In this situation, the employees can be shifted to some other section or area, which is less dangerous.

    Encourage workers to wear safety gear

    It's an all-too-common habit among workers not to wear safety gear while executing dangerous jobs, putting themselves in danger of injury or death, and also their employer in danger of prosecution. So many incidents happen because of ignorance towards wearing protective clothing and equipment.

    Workers must be encouraged to wear safety garments. This can be achieved through effective communication between the employers and the employees.

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  2. What Are The Types Of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a type of protective apparel and equipment that is used to protect our body from workplace hazards. PPE may be used by employees, students, contractors or visitors in a hazardous workplace. The objective of PPE is to eliminate or minimize the chances of being exposed to different workplace hazards that may result in illnesses and injuries.

    These injuries may occur from coming into contact with corrosive chemicals, electrical, mechanical, radiological, physical and other hazards that vary based on a particular workplace. Personal protective equipment includes gloves, helmets, safety glasses, coveralls, respirators and full body suits.

    Occupational, Safety and Health (OH&S) Code of Alberta

    The Occupational, Safety and Health Code of Alberta provides important guidelines regarding the use of personal protective equipment. According to OH&S Alberta, the most effective way of eliminating injury or illness from a workplace hazard is to eliminate the hazard. This includes ensuring proper ventilation to remove harmful gasses before they come in contact with the workers. Similarly, housekeeping can be used to prevent the risk of slips due to spilt fluids or perhaps from tripping over an object on the floor.

    In circumstances where it is not possible to avoid a hazard, personal protective equipment may be employed for protecting the staff that is subjected to the hazard.

    The District Personal Protective Equipment Guide defines the type of PPE that may be required and whether the employer or the employee is responsible for arranging it.

    It is important to note that PPE is regarded as the least satisfactory way of preventing workplace injury and illness. It is only recommended for use when other measures cannot be implemented instantly. It is important to use PPE to supplement other measures of hazard control employed by the workplace in order to further reduce the risk of illness or injury.

    Use of PPE may involve discomfort and inconvenience, especially if you’ve just started using it. Make sure that you make the right selection in PPE and it properly fits you before you start working.

    Types of PPE

    Personal Protective Equipment can be grouped into the following types on the basis of the protection it offers:

    • Eye Protection - includes spectacles, goggles, visors and eye shields
    • Hearing Protection - includes earplugs and muffs
    • Hand Protection - includes gloves and protective creams
    • Foot Protection - includes shoes and boots
    • Head Protection - includes helmets, headcovers and hoods
    • Working at Heights - includes lanyards and fall arrest devices
    • Skin Protection - includes sunburn cream and insulated clothing
    • Other types of PPE: this can include equipment that is worn for specific purposes, like disposable clothing for working with hazards like chemicals and radiation. This includes coveralls when dealing with chemicals, leather jackets for welding, and protective clothing for working in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

    Duties of Employer

    According to OH&S Alberta, Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment, if the hazard assessment necessitates the use of PPE, then it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the employee wears the correct PPE to stay protected from a particular hazard. Employers must see to it that their employees use PPE properly. Employers need to ensure that the workers are trained on the proper use and maintenance of the personal protective equipment. It is also the employer’s duty to ensure that the use of PPE does not in any way endanger the employee.

    Duties of Employee

    According to the same legislation, it is the duty of an employee to use the PPE recommended by the OH&S code. It is also their duty to wear the PPE properly and adhere to the training and instructions they have received. OH&S also recommends employees to inspect the PPE before using it. Employees must not use PPE that is not meant to perform the intended function.

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  3. What Makes Safety Apparel Essential In A Workplace

    Leading organizations around the world are now focused on providing the best working environment for their workers. This is because professional productivity specialists claim that a better working environment significantly raises the level of productivity for workers on a collective and individual basis. Apart from productivity, there are alarming numbers of accidents and hazards happening on a daily basis around the world and lack of safety apparel for the staff creates serious health and safety concerns for the staff and the organization alike.

    This blog highlights some of the basic reasons why safety apparel is essential in the workplace.

    Abiding Labour Laws

    Modern labour laws make it clear that the safety and health of the workers is the responsibility of the employers. Especially if the labour workers are working in difficult conditions and occupations. Some examples of high-risk occupations are working in a mine, rigs, construction, road and infrastructure and many more. If the employers are not paying enough attention to the safety of the workers the government can impose heavy monetary fines and even ban the organization. For this reason, it is essential that all employers must provide the needed safety apparel to their staff to abide by the labour laws of the land.

    Protection of Staff

    Safety apparel provides psychological relaxation along with physical protection to the workers. Wearing safety apparel makes the workers more confident as they go through the difficult tasks of their daily routines. Employers in this sense are also relaxed as they have equipped their staff to perform better and with safety while they perform their duties. When the staff feels safe in their working environment they are already more productive and this raises the employees’ motivation levels as well.

    Minimizing Occupational Hazards

    Labourers who work in high-risk workplaces like mines and the construction industry have more chances to experience an occupational hazard. There are dangerous fumes in mines and the construction jobs can become a huge misfortune even if a minor mistake is committed. Today, jobs have become more challenging and this pushes the workers to perform better. In this sense, if they are not given proper safety wear they will be exposed to danger on a continuous basis. This constant fear of a hazard will restrict the workers’ performance and minimize their productivity.

    Better Visibility For Workers

    Staff who wear the proper safety apparel with high visibility are better able to work even when there is low light conditions. There are many jobs that demand workers to work at night and if they are not given safety apparel with high visibility they will be exposed to serious threats of hazard as they perform their duties.

    Promote Cleanliness and Hygiene

    When you equip your staff with premium quality safety apparel, they feel comfortable and safe but most of all they have a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. Hygiene itself is an important safety feature in many organizations. Especially if those organizations are dealing with food or medicinal products. Keeping these points in mind, we can be assured that having safety apparel is a must for our workers as it will minimize the chance of an occupational hazard and raise their productivity as well.

    Wildrose Garments manufactures premium quality safety apparel of all types right here in Edmonton, Alberta. Check out our full lineup of products we offer by visiting our website or call us directly for personalized service.

  4. Importance Of Winter Workwear In Canada

    The winter has arrived in Canada. People who work outdoors need special clothing that can resist the cold and harsh air and keep the wearer adequately warm. Winter workwear is inevitable when it comes to working outdoors. Harsh weather in Edmonton and across Canada can turn your easy job into a challenging one. However, the right protective wear will ensure protection against weather and other workplace hazards.

    Workplace Hazards In Winter

    The number of occupational hazards increase in winter and workers have to deal with them. Cold stress, poor visibility, slips, trips, and falls are some of the health and safety hazards that require due attention. Cold stress is a known hazard that occurs when a person’s internal body temperature drops to an unsafe level. When your body becomes unable to warm itself, the longer exposure to cold weather starts creating health concerns.

    Cold stress, if not properly addressed, can lead to permanent damage to body parts. To avoid such hazards, you need high-quality winter workwear designed to address hazards present at your workplace. Administrative controls and training are also required to deal with the winter in Canada.

    Hyperthermia is another condition where the body loses heat faster than it produces. This occurs when the body’s internal temperature drops below 95 F. Shallow breathing, memory loss, weak pulse, and mumbling are some of the symptoms of hyperthermia.

    Most workers don’t attach much significance to training programs that are necessary to understand how to deal with weather conditions. Providing adequate training is the responsibility of employers. It helps workers recognize the environmental and workplace conditions to avoid health concerns like cold stress and hyperthermia.

    Selecting The Right Winter Workwear In Canada

    The selection of the correct winter workwear also plays a key role in ensuring complete protection from environmental hazards. Ideally, you should be well-prepared for cold temperatures before winter arrives. A base layer of your dress is supposed to wick away sweat and moisture, while the outer layer keeps your body warm. Insulated workwear such as coveralls and bib pants provide you with the outer layer you need to prevent cold stress.

    If you need premium quality cold-weather workwear for your job or for your employees, visit Wildrose Garments, an online supplier of quality workwear where you can find a variety of occupational clothing for all seasons. Some of the popular winter workwear items you can find on our website include:

    • Insulated Polycotton Coveralls
    • Insulated Nomex Coveralls
    • Insulated Indura Coveralls
    • Insulated Bib Pants
    • Insulated Nomex Parka

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  5. 11 Reasons Why You Need Fire-Resistant Clothing In A Factory

    A factory is a place where accidents can occur. Workers might be at risk in day to day operations and their job routines might cause them to ignore their safety from time to time. It is in fact for this reason factories are not considered safe, and therefore require some safety guidelines, emergency plans, and the need to wear ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE) while workers are working. Evidently, a piece of fire-resistant clothing is on top of the list of PPE related apparel.

    According to some industry specialists, fire hazards in the workplace or factories are the highest contributors to workplace hazards overall. If the factory or the workplace deals with high electricity voltage machines or uses flammable materials, chances of a fire hazard are significantly amplified. It is from this perspective that this blog will highlight 11 reasons why you need to wear fire-resistant clothing while working in a factory.

    Combustible Material Left Unattended

    In a factory setting there are many objects or materials often left unattended and this could be a potential risk for the workers to trip over something. There’s a chance an employee or guest could also light a match near combustible material, initiating a fire without any intention. The potential for fire-resistant clothing in such a situation is simply un-ignorable. This is the reason why factories having combustible materials need to maintain a sharp exit plan in case of a fire.

    Liquids And Vapours That Can Catch Fire

    Workers often use aerosol sprays, body sprays, and other related products for their personal hygiene and even room fresheners often have combustible liquids. It is certainly not a surprise that a fire can start, where heavy flammable gasses are present. In this case, factories which manufacture perfumes or even oil refineries cannot set aside the chance that a fire may start in their workplace. Hence, the importance of fire-resistant apparel is clear.

    Dust And Wood Shavings

    Factories that deal with wood-based products like furniture, or decorative pieces stay consistently covered with wood-based dust and wood shavings which are highly flammable. It is a standard approach that workers in such situations are prepared for fire hazards and this becomes another reason why fire-resistant clothing is important.

    Blocked Fire Exits

    It is a standard protocol that every workplace especially factories have fire exits. However, it is possible that those fire exits are blocked due to repairs, mismanagement or any other unforeseen reason. This again creates the need to equip the workers with fire-resistant clothing so they can sustain themselves in a fire hazard for a longer period of time.

    Fire Doors Not Checked

    Factories having proper fire hazard protocols need on time and regular check-ups of the fire doors. It is possible for the fire doors to get stuck and in emergency situations, they are not accessible. In this regard, having fire-resistant clothing will definitely help the workers to get to a safe place.

    Heat Generating Objects

    There are many factories and even workshops that deal with furnaces. Perhaps, even professional chef’s kitchens have dangerous levels of heat sources and pressure cookers which are potentially dangerous. Such types of workplaces need fire-resistant apparel for the workers’ safety and better working conditions.

    Electrical Faults

    Electric failures and short circuits can happen at any time anywhere. Especially in the rainy season or in case of a storm. There are many issues with irregular electricity supply which can become a potential fire hazard in the workplace. Therefore, creating a need for the workers to wear fire-resistant and waterproof items of clothing in such situations will definitely raise workplace safety measures.

    Misuse Of Firearms

    Factories that make firearms or gun shooting ranges are mostly at risk of a firearm-related accident. It is not such a far fetched idea to think that a stray bullet could hit a flammable liquid or any other combustible material and a fire could break out. Bulletproof vests cannot save you from fire.

    Power Sockets Overloaded

    Power sockets can catch fire when they are overloaded. It does not matter if it happens at home or the workplace it is equally dangerous. Fire that is created with electricity is often difficult to control and therefore becomes a bigger threat than regular fossil fuel-based fires. Simply put, the need for fire-resistant clothing in such conditions is very high.


    Smoking around flammable objects or materials is considered very dangerous. The smoker may not even know and throw a lit cigarette on the ground hoping that it will go out eventually but it can roll away due to wind, causing a fire to start. It is essential that one has to be very careful in such cases and must be prepared to save themselves in such a situation.

    Human Negligence

    Human negligence is as old as human existence, and chances are it's not going away that easy any time soon. It’s always a smart choice to keep fire-resistant clothing at one’s personal disposal so it can be used in emergency situations. Companies that have strong workplace safety regulations make sure all their workers are given proper PPE apparel to save them in a fire hazard.

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  6. Here Is What You Need To Know About Occupational Garments

    Does your workplace contain hazards that can cause injuries and health-related problems to workers? If yes, you must pay due attention to workers’ safety and well-being. As a business owner or safety manager, it’s your job to assess hazards and take measures to eliminate risks associated with them.

    One effective approach is to either eliminate or reduce the chances for potential hazard. For example, you can equip your workers with gloves, coveralls, and other necessary protective equipment if your workers have to deal with chemicals.

    People who work on manufacturing floors must ensure that engineering controls are sound enough to guard against potential hazards. While machine guards improve safety situation on your manufacturing floor, it’s useful to motivate your employees to wear safety workwear such as coveralls and shop coats.

    Although safety workwear protects against certain hazards, it’s important to evaluate your workwear and other protective equipment to ensure you’re prepared to deal with potential hazards. Common workplace hazards such as dirt, dust, and splashes can easily be avoided by wearing high-quality work garments.

    Customized workwear

    Some crucial factors when choosing the right protective garments for your employee are the design, suitability, and quality of the fabric. You can’t compromise on quality when it comes to workplace safety. Occupational clothing you buy for your employees must be customized to meet your unique requirements. Since the nature of hazards varies from workplace to workplace, it’s important to evaluate your environment before placing an order for customized clothing.

    Types of workwear

    There are many types of occupational garments ranging from insulated workwear to hi-viz clothing. People who have to perform their jobs in harsh weather conditions should wear insulated workwear to keep them protected against weather and workplace hazards. Likewise, hi-viz coveralls and other protective garments are ideal for conditions where low light is a prime concern. High-visibility garments reflect light coming from the source and improve the visibility of the wearer. Some protective garments are designed for workers who deal with heat and fire. Therefore, make sure to understand your requirements first.

    People working on construction sites must wear hi-viz garments if poor light conditions can cause injuries. A piece of protective clothing can offer more than one feature. For example, you can use a coverall that provides both insulation and high visibility.

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  7. The Function of Safety Vests in the Workplace

    A safe place to work is a productive place to work. Today, companies of different sizes understand the importance of workplace safety. They strive to maintain their recognized standards or best practices to make sure their workplace is safe. The concept of workplace safety is to implement policies, install building emergency measures, give the staff relevant training and make sure they wear proper safety apparel while they are at work. Just as the importance of a fire extinguisher cannot be ignored in a fireworks factory, one simply cannot ignore the importance of safety vests in any machine-oriented factory.

    Industry experts maintain that the companies often try to gain a competitive edge in their production departments by cutting costs and increasing their production rates. This practice focuses on speedy production and potentially becomes risky, for the workers as they would be focused on maximum productivity and lose track of their safety.

    Significance of Safety at Workplace

    Every workplace has its own unique setting and workers need to work according to the environment they are inducted in, including the resources they have at their disposal. In this context, safety standards provide the framework or standard operating procedures that will make sure the risk of an accident is minimized.

    Every workplace experiences accidents, which restricts productivity, lowers the worker motivation and comfort making it a dangerous place. A dangerous or risky workplace cannot achieve its optimal productivity and therefore will create more nuisance as time passes.

    Safety Standards of the Workplace

    Accidents are bound to happen, this is why they are called accidents as they are never intended or expected. The safety standards when applied, minimize the risk of accidents since they equip the workers to receive minimum damage in case an accident still occurs.

    These safety standards include that the workers are always wearing safety apparel like safety vests to minimize damage in case of an accident or being exposed to something lethal and fatal.

    Types of Workplace Hazards

    Depending on the workplace, hazards may differ. Still, the most common hazards in the workplace are identified and mentioned below:

    • Spills of dangerous liquids
    • Handling dangerous gasses
    • Radiation Exposure
    • Ergonomic Hazards
    • Mental Health Hazards
    • Workplace Stress
    • Fire Hazards
    • Electric Short Circuits
    • Extreme Temperatures
    • Working at heights
    • Working with heavy machinery
    • Poor office setting/construction
    • Using defective tools
    • Lack of emergency protocols
    • Poor waste management
    • Biological hazards

    Safety Vests Minimize Workplace Hazards

    Most of the hazards mentioned above require that the workers have to wear some sort of protective gear. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consists of many particular pieces of safety wear. Safety glasses, helmets, and safety vests are perhaps the most common parts of the PPE that workers have to wear while they work in dangerous or risky workplaces.

    Construction workers, factory workers, and even healthcare workers have to wear such safety apparel at all times while they are working.

    Safety Vests, in particular, holds significant importance in safety apparel. Workers are bound to wear such items of clothing while they are working. Safety vests provide numerous benefits and safety to the workers. There are safety vests that actually aid the workers in their duties and are made of durable and safe materials as they minimize the dangers of a workplace hazard.

    Safety Vests are Protective Clothing for Workers

    The manufacturers of safety vests have become more and more innovative and they are currently making state of the art vests, which are built with highly durable materials. The materials are used to assure the vest remains the first layer of safety in case of an accident. Since there are many types of accidents that can occur in a workplace the vests are made to be versatile in their protective properties as well.

    Safety Vests have High Visibility

    Safety vests are often made and given bright colors so they retain very high visibility throughout their life. The function of bright colors helps the workers to work in darker places, especially the workers who work at night. Bright colors and reflective tape makes sure that the people working can be identified from a distance even when the lighting is low.

    Safety Vests are Fire Resistant

    Some materials used in safety vests are fire resistant and can withhold extreme temperatures for a limited period of time so the workers could actually save themselves in case of an accident. Factories often use furnaces and extreme heat sources for production. This is where the function of fire and heat resistance becomes of maximum utility.

    Safety Vests are Waterproof

    Safety vests are also waterproof. Being waterproof, the workers can easily work with dangerous liquids and can be saved from any unpleasant incident which could be damaging otherwise. Safety vests are really sturdy and therefore they are able to withstand many threatening situations however they are not the only solution for workplace hazards minimization.

    Choosing the Best Safety Vests

    There are many variations and types of safety vests that are used particularly for workplace safety measures. However, one vest cannot be used for all purposes. It is therefore recommended that vests are carefully chosen depending on the expected risk factors and depending on the particular workplace environment.

    Wildrose Garments is one of the most authentic and reliable safety apparel companies which manufactures their products in Canada. Being manufactured in Canada, the quality of our products is simply far greater than most foreign-based producers. The economic rates and the range of safety apparel products make them the best choice for the locals and across Canada. Get a closer look at the best safety vests for your workplace, visit our website today.

  8. Exploring The Benefits of Safety Garments

    Safety workwear is a lineup of workplace garments used to improve the safety of the wearer. It’s a common fact that the work environment carries hazards that may not be apparent at the surface, but they are lurking in the background. Wearing safety garments is a habit workers should all get accustomed to. Industries are filled with machinery which are operated by hand, bringing you up close with many potential dangers. How can you stay clean and safe? Wear appropriate safety garments.

    Keep your clothes clean

    The advantages of wearing safety garments are numerous. The first benefit of wearing safety garments is a layer of protection that keeps your regular clothing clean. Machines require lubrication to work, which is greasy and can stick to your clothing. Wearing occupational garments can help keep your clothing clean while working around machines.

    High-visibility in dark working conditions

    High-visibility (hi-viz) is also a feature of safety workwear. Imagine working in an environment where neither you nor others can see properly, especially when you are working around moving vehicles and equipment. To keep yourself safe from these situations, it is advisable to wear hi-viz safety clothing to improve visibility.

    Protection from fire

    The fire hazards that are present in the workplace, like flammable material and open wires are a threat to the health and well-being of the workers. Insulating workwear will keep you safe from the harmful effects of heat.

    Fire-resistant material is used in making these garments, which keeps your skin safe from burns. When you are exposed to equipment like welding machines, you must take extra care. Usually, we are too distracted by our work so we don’t see the imminent danger of our clothes catching fire. Harmful impacts of fire on your health can be avoided by wearing safety workwear.

    Safety from chemicals

    Handling chemicals is not a safe job. Some chemicals are corrosive in nature, which means they are extremely reactive to skin. You can get burnt in the process if you are not wearing the appropriate workwear. That is why workwear is highly important in protecting you from the dangers of chemicals. It is the responsibility of employers to make sure all their workers are working under safe conditions.

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  9. Workplace Safety And The Role Of Occupational Garments

    Workplace safety clothing has become a necessity as it plays a crucial role in various hazardous work environments where workers have to conduct difficult physical tasks on a daily basis. In many developed countries like Canada, employers who do not provide protective equipment to their employees or don’t meet safety requirements face legal consequences. In order to avoid safety-related issues, make sure to provide relevant and high-quality workwear to your workers based on their safety needs.

    Workplace safety

    There is a broad range of safety garments available in Canada: coveralls, bib pants, shop coats, high-visibility clothing, parkas. These quality apparels keep workers safe up to a certain point from industrial hazards and injuries. The purpose is not only to meet government policies but to make employees’ lives easier and safer. For example, the use of simple hi-viz coveralls can save the wearer’s life when worn in poor lighting conditions.

    Impact on productivity

    The output of your manufacturing floor decreases when workers do not feel comfortable or safe in their outfits. But if you're providing enough protection to your employees, the quality of work will increase and competent skilled workforce will feel better about performing their tasks. The nature of workwear may vary from workplace to workplace. You can easily find the workwear that suits your environment.

    Selection of the right protective equipment is important. You can consult a workwear manufacturer to get quick and effective advice. The workwear manufacturer understands the properties and limitations of an occupational dress code. One of the advantages of safety wear is that your staff will look and feel more professional.

    Some tough occupational environments such as construction sites, roofing, paving, and auto workshops involve a potential risk of injuries. Workers are required to use proper equipment so that they can protect their body from heavy machinery and sharp moving objects.

    Related: Wildrose Garments: A Reliable Workwear Manufacturer In Canada

    Safety gear

    So far as foot protection is concerned, workers can find fiberglass and galvanized footguards that can easily be worn over normal shoes. Other safety items include heat-resistant shoes, rubber boots, and metal toe boots.

    Hazards that can injure arms and hands are electric shocks, cuts, burns, and chemical spills. Gloves designed specifically for your work should be used to ensure safety against these hazards. Moreover, the use of customized workwear gives your workers a sense of identity and professionalism. Head safety is very important as small falling objects can cause severe injuries. Construction workers use hard hats to ensure head safety. Do not forget or ignore head safety if your workplace involves hazards.

    As an employer, it’s a good idea to get custom protective garments for your staff. Whether your staff needs coveralls or shop coats, you can get your company logo or name embroidered on safety clothes and make them branded.

    About Wildrose Garments

    Wildrose Garments is the most trusted workwear manufacturer in Canada where we design and manufacture custom safety garments according to your specific needs. Our products include a variety of coveralls, shop coats, insulated safety wear, protective bib pants, hi-viz coveralls, and other garments that can be personalized with your logo or company name. Visit our website or contact us today for more information!

  10. The Importance Of Personalized Workwear

    When it comes to developing a professional environment, what your employees wear goes a long way. The uniform your staff wear must be designed in a way that it reflects identity, safety, and comfort. Successful companies customize occupational garments for their employees. Embroidery and silkscreening are two of the techniques to customize professional workwear.

    While uniforms have been common for soldiers and police officers, they have become a common practice in workplace environments. The development of innovative workwear items such as coveralls and bib pants have helped organizations improve workplace safety. As a business owner or manager, you must consider utilizing relevant and customized safety garments in your company. Here are some of the benefits of personalized occupational uniforms:

    Enhanced professionalism

    The use of customized workwear helps companies create a professional environment where it’s easy to make your employees stand out from the crowd. A sense of identity will help your workers get things done in an efficient manner. Personalized appearance is also important when it comes to brand identity. It's important to have a good presence when it comes to personalized workwear. Getting your company logo embroidered on your occupational uniform is an example of personalized uniform.

    Brand identity

    From digital marketing to physical signs, companies use a variety of marketing tools to promote brand identity. While these marketing channels are expensive, you can use workwear as an effective marketing tool. You can use silk screening services or custom embroidery to empower your uniform with your branding colors, logos, and the name of your business. It will make it easy for your customers to recognize your brand. Contact a workwear manufacturer that also provides custom embroidery and silk screening services.

    Occupational safety

    One of the prime functions of occupational garments is to ensure workplace safety. For example, if your staff has to work in poor lighting, hi-viz safety garments become imperative. Industries like construction and traffic management have to deal with poor lighting which is a safety hazard. Companies in the welding, construction, manufacturing and shipping industries can reduce employee injuries through the appropriate use of protective clothing.

    Firefighters also need a highly protective outfits to effectively resist heat and fire so they perform their job with peace of mind. If your employees are worried about their safety, your facility is likely to experience reduced productivity. Make sure to implement the proper workwear clothing.

    About Wildrose Garments

    Wildrose Garments is a popular workwear brand in Canada where we design and manufacture a complete range of the highest-quality workwear products. We also offer embroidery and silk screening services to companies looking to get personalized uniforms for their employees. Browse through our website or contact us for more information!