Embroidery Service

Custom Embroidery, a marketing tool for your business

Wildrose Garments offers premium quality embroidery service which you can use to customize your workwear and make it look more professional and personalized. Among its many advantages, embroidery helps create brand recognition, foster team togetherness, promote products, and give your employees a sense of identity. When it comes to cost-effective marketing, custom embroidery can play a useful role in giving your company a competitive edge.

Whether you want your logo or contact information of your company embroidered on occupational garments, we have the equipment and skills to customize your workwear in a cost-effective manner.

Many organizations use embroidery for their company clothing because it creates a professional, clean look ideal for promoting your company brand. At Wildrose Garments, we are determined to customize your workwear in a way that represents your company and culture.

Share your design with us and we will have it embroidered on your safety apparel. Contact us for more information!